EXCLUSIVE! The Justin Bieber Vs. Orlando Bloom Brawl Brought To Life– In GIFs! Wait Till You See These!

justin bieber versus orlando bloom gifs hilarious

Just in case you live under a rock, Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom got into a bit of a scuffle the other day.

And it’s been ALLLLL over the news!

Orly threw a punch! Biebs provoked him! He said she said, whatever.

What really matters is that the internet has responded in the best way ever.

From celebs taking sides on Twitter to Bieber posting childish attacks on Instagram, it’s pretty much taken over!

Our favorite just may be Justin vs. Orlando — in GIFs! They’re HIGHlarious!

But, who comes out on top? Is it Justin? Is it Orlando?

Ch-ch-check out who the clear winner is…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Game over? Not quite…

orlando bloom vs justin bieber game over

Run Biebs, RUN!

orlando bloom vs justin bieber running from arrow

Oh, how awful! Bieber made Orlando cry LOLz!

orlando bloom vs justin bieber fake crying lol

Orlando isn’t taking any of your fake happy bullshiz!

orlando bloom vs justin bieber smile bow shooting

Don’t tell Orlando what to do Biebsy Bear!

justin bieber vs orlando bloom no no shooting

Justin continues to perplex Orlando…

justin bieber vs orlando bloom cant hear weird face

Their fight looks so… violent? Lolz!

justin bieber vs orlando boom fake fighting wow

And last but not least… our favorite:

justin bieber vs orlando bloom gun shot cannons

The clear winner here is Orlando. Always, always Orlando.

[Image via WENN.]

Jul 31, 2014 5:35pm PST