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Justin Timberlake Says He Apologizes To 'Absolutely F**king Nobody' -- And Fans Are PISSED!

Justin Timberlake Says He Apologizes To Nobody -- & Fans Are PISSED!

Sorry not sorry?!?! Fans on social media this week think Justin Timberlake might have taken a shot at Britney Spears during a one-night performance, and after seeing the footage, we can’t necessarily disagree with them…

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It happened at the Irving Plaza in New York City on Wednesday night, where in between songs, he spoke some harsh words into the mic. In footage captured by Instagram user @gilbertohoraa, he can be heard saying:

“I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize… to absolutely f**king nobody”

Uhhhh WHAT?!

There were some fans that cheered on his message, but once the clip hit the web, people were NOT happy! Watch (below):

On X (Twitter), users perceived the message as a low-blow at his former GF, who opened up about the lows of their relationship in her memoir, The Woman in Me. And that angle is especially poignant because TMZ reported he sang Cry Me A River, which is famously about the pop star, RIGHT after this vid!! Fans wrote things like:

“CONFIRMED: Justin Timberlake is still a misogynistic piece of f**king s**t. I don’t understand how y’all think this is ‘cool’ to publicly attack a woman for 20 years”

“He is such a pompous douchebag, even after Britney was kind to him & apologized without actually needing to.”

“i wonder if justin timberlake would’ve done this if his new single wasn’t flopping. he’s such a piece of s**t”

“Why is Justin Timberlake so insecure? Attacking an ex from 24 years ago is giving the smallest dick energy I’ve ever seen.”

Fans also suspected he could possibly be referencing his infamous Super Bowl performance alongside Janet Jackson — you know, the one where he revealed her bare chest to millions of fans?? Thursday marks the 20-year anniversary of that, so we can’t blame fans for having their suspicions, especially since in the past, he apologized to both ladies. So is this him taking back those apologies??

What are your thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF in the comments down below.

[Images via Justin Timberlake/YouTube, & Sheri Determan/MEGA/WENN]

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