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Justin Timberlake Apologizes For Viral Dancing Fail Faster Than He Did For Cheating Scandal!

Justin Timberlake Apology Bad Dancing

Well, Justin Timberlake has issued a formal, sincere apology… for bad dancing?!

Yes, over the weekend you may have seen a video from his performance at the Something in the Water music festival going viral for all the wrong reasons. At one point during the Washington, DC concert while performing Sexyback he apparently made sexy sit in the back while he attempted to do the area’s popular Beat Ya Feet dance.

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The result was some sort of jig that looked like he was trying very hard to stay upright while playing Simon Says on hard mode. If that doesn’t make any sense, well… Look, we don’t even know how to describe what this is supposed to be:

When you see how the Beat Ya Feet moves are supposed to be done, you’ll understand even better…

Naturally JT was pretty savagely mocked on social media. Here’s how Twitter interpreted his moves:

“america tried to ruin Janet Jackson for this man”

“Justin Timberlake said “DC beat your feet” and proceeded to do the hokey pokey”

“JT did not just say “beat your feet” and proceed to river dance & skip. Boy if you don’t get your ass off the stage. FOH #SITW”

“Justin Timberlake’ dancing at #SITW is a cross between a black uncle at a cookout and Irish river dancing “

Ha! And over on TikTok there were even kids trying to perfect the JT version of the dance as a personal choreo challenge! Hilarious!

Even funnier? JT was quicker to apologize for this than for that time he cheated on his wife! He took to his Instagram Stories and addressed the dance debacle directly to his fans, saying:

“DC, I want to apologize to you for two reasons: here and here.”

Those two reasons were his feet, which he panned the camera down to look at. He continued:

“I had a long talk with both of them, individually, and said, ‘Don’t you ever do that to me again.'”

Mocking both his moves AND his outfit he joked:

“Maybe it was the khakis. It was a real khaki vibe.”

He also promised to do better:

“I’m gonna focus on these two guys right here and get ’em right… Love you all.”

Justin even shared some of those TikTok JT challenges, including saying this one whom he said “nailed it”! Amazing!

Well, at least he’s holding himself accountable… this time.

[Image via Justin Timberlake/Instagram Stories/YouTube.]

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Jun 23, 2022 06:45am PDT

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