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'A Murderous Karen'?! Twitter Reacts To Cringe-Worthy Karen Movie Trailer!

New Karen Trailer Has The Internet Shook: ‘No One Asked For’ This

Just no.

A new trailer for a horror film titled Karen has dropped, and the internet is truly losing its mind over what is being deemed the low-budget version of Jordan Peele’s Get Out. Set in an American suburb, the film directed by Coke Daniels follows an entitled, racist white woman as she terrorizes a Black couple that moves in next door. Oh, and it stars Orange is the New Black’s Taryn Manning as Karen!

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Check out the wild teaser (below)!


Yeah, it’s hard to believe this will be a BET original! With no release date yet, it’s safe to say the trailer has already caught enough buzz to stay memorable in viewers’ minds for whenever it does air… though there are no promises anyone will actually be tuning in!

Right now, Twitter can’t even believe the trailer exists, with writer Roxane Gay noting:

“Is that Karen movie preview… an SNL thing or is it real?”

Another person chimed in, saying:


Noticing the similarities to Get Out, which focused on a young Black man visiting his white girlfriend’s home for the first time only to discover the family’s dark secrets, many took to social media to express their frustration over the less subtle copycat of the Oscar winner.

Here’s just a sampling of what they were tweeting:

“What Jordan peele ‘get out’ snl skit nonsense is this?? No one asked for a movie about a murderous Karen”

“You ever think about how Get Out actually had ‘colorblind’ white liberals for its villains, which were maybe too uncomfortably close to reality for some white audiences, and every imitation since then keeps making the villains more cartoonish and deniable”

“all these horrible B movies trying to recreate the success of Get Out/Us seem to completely miss the point of what made those great and that’s why they’ll continue to flop”

“Jordan Peele paved the way and y’all added potholes to it.”

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On the other hand, the leading lady has caught a bit of heat for taking the role as well, with viewers commenting:

“Taryn Manning gets chosen to play these types of characters because that how she really is”

“isn’t taryn manning also a literal racist [Donald] Trump supporter…. y’all what the f**k”

“taryn manning was enjoying this a little too much”

Yikes! Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Will YOU be tuning in? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Flixville USA/Universal Pictures/YouTube]

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