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Kate Beckinsale's Hospitalization Was Because She Got Injured 'Putting On A Pair Of Leggings'!

kate beckinsale hospitalization leggings

Nothing can stop Kate Beckinsale — except for stretchy fabric, apparently!

As we reported, the Underworld star was hospitalized last month in Las Vegas for a back injury while shooting her upcoming film, Prisoner’s Daughter. The 48-year-old didn’t share many details at the time, so naturally many fans (like us) assumed she got injured filming some crazy action stunt.

Well, turns out Kate’s cause of injury was nothing more than a pair of leggings!

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During her interview on Monday’s The Late Late Show, host James Corden asked what had led to her recent hospitalization — to which Kate revealed:

“Well, having done eight or nine hundred action movies, I hurt myself putting on a pair of leggings in a hotel room.”

Oop! Also… ouch!

After Cordon admitted he assumed she must have fallen off a building, the actress confirmed:

“No, I was doing a very intense emotional drama. And not running up walls or anything.”

It just goes to show you… form fitting clothes may look cute, but they can be a real pain to get on sometimes!

We joke, but this was a really serious injury. As she recounted:

“I was in my hotel room putting on a pair of leggings and then it felt like a sort of guitar string snapped.”

Oh no! She continued:

“Everything was horrific. It was worse than having a baby. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t lie down, I couldn’t sit down, I couldn’t do anything.”

She also couldn’t get herself to help! She painted another very sad picture, saying:

“Eventually an ambulance came and they rolled out a sheet and picked me up in it, like a sort of a sausage and put me in a gurney.”

The other inneresting thing about Kate’s trip? She got all drugged up on painkillers! If you know anything about the Serendipity star’s incredibly strict diet, you know she doesn’t even ingest caffeine or alcohol, let alone drugs. She said the new experience revealed to her for the first time “what kind of a drunk I am”:

“I’m not the ”do you know who I am, have you seen all my films’ type, which is a huge relief. So I’m really glad I’m not. But I am a ‘everyone is trying to steal my f***ing ovaries.'”

Ha! No more drugs for this woman!

We’re just glad Kate is OK after all that! See more from her Late Late Night appearance (below)!

[Image via Instagram/CBS]

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