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California Sober In The UK? Kate Moss’ Sister Lottie Smokes Weed On OnlyFans Weeks After Getting Out Of Rehab

California Sober In The UK? Kate Moss’ Half-Sister Lottie Smokes Weed Topless On OnlyFans After Getting Out Of Rehab

Is Lottie Moss trying out the “California sober” lifestyle across the pond?

If you didn’t know, Kate Moss’ half-sister announced that she was seeking treatment in rehab for mental health issues and cocaine addiction back in February. And just two weeks after leaving, Lottie posted a half-hour-long video on OnlyFans where she could be seen smoking marijuana, flashing her breasts, and opening up about her life as of late to subscribers. The 24-year-old confessed in the video that she was “so high,” saying:

“I’ve been asking what people want to see and a lot of you said smoking… Who else smokes on here? Light one up for me! You guys are smoking a joint with Lottie. I’m getting the munchies so bad. I’m so high right now I can’t even lie to you guys.”

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Lottie went on to speak out about her time at the treatment facility, admitting that her tolerance for weed has plummeted since leaving:

“I want to smoke more but I’m already so f***ing high. It only takes like four puffs to get me stoned. I was away for like a month in rehab for separate issues – like mental health stuff – I like being open about that stuff, I think it’s so important.”

The model then revealed that she was still smoking marijuana because it helps with easing her mental health issues such as anxiety:

“But yeah I was away and I couldn’t smoke weed in there because you can’t take drugs, but I’m happy that I can now, because it just really helps me with relaxing and stress – I have a lot of anxiety… I’m so high right now. My tolerance with weed went straight down when I went to rehab but I’m so much better. I was very depressed and very unhappy but I’m so much happier now. I’m feeling better about life.”

It seems like Lottie is trying her hand at being at being “California sober” – which is where someone can drink alcohol and smoke weed in moderation. (A random FYI, she said in the OnlyFans video that she would be moving from London to Los Angeles in two weeks.) However, celebs such as Demi Lovato have been slammed in the past for living a lifestyle that was not actually sober. Many people who struggle with addiction know that even one taste of a substance or the urge to do so can impact their sobriety. So we really hope that Lottie is making the best decision for herself as she continues her sobriety journey.

Kate has yet to address her sister’s recent rehab stay publicly. Recently, a source told Page Six that the 48-year-old has “fallen in and out of sympathy” for Lottie and refuses to “have anything to do with” her due to her decisions:

“During lockdown, Kate invited Lottie to come and live with her in the Cotswolds at her country house. Lila point-blank refused to have anything to do with Lottie on social media. Kate was frustrated because Lottie kept on wanting to drink and posting sexually provocative stuff on Insta all the time. It isn’t easy for Kate to be around people who are drinking, and she definitely won’t be around anyone who is using cocaine.”

Elsewhere in the OnlyFans video, Lottie opened up about her sex life, claiming she slept with “hundreds” of people and even had an “awesome” threesome with an unidentified famous musician at one point. She spilled;

“Mine is well above what it should be. I liked to have fun in my past. I used to go out a lot and have lots of funs with guys, but I’ve kind of calmed down. It’s probably in the hundreds.”

What are our thougths on Lottie trying out the California sober lifestyle, Perezcious readers? Let us know your reactions in the comments.

[Image via Lottie Moss/Instagram, Vogue/YouTube]

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