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Katy Perry Songwriter Missing -- Vanished In Beverly Hills!

Katy Perry Songwriter Camela Leierth-Segura Missing

Loved ones are desperately searching for songwriter Camela Leierth-Segura, who mysteriously vanished nearly two months ago.

According to The Sun, the 48-year-old musician, known for writing the 2013 Katy Perry track Walking on Air, made contact with a friend who lives in her native Sweden on June 29. The following day, she was then seen leaving Beverly Hills in her 2010 Ford Fusion at around 2:40 a.m. But since then? No one has seen or heard from Camela.

Her friend Liz Montgomery told the outlet that it has been “radio silence” from the songstress. And no matter how many messages have been sent to her phone, email, or social media accounts from her friends and family, they’ve all gone unanswered. Now, Camela’s loved ones fear something bad may have happened to her. Montgomery explained to the outlet, noting her pal wouldn’t up and leave without contacting anyone for so long:

“There is just no way she would go off-grid or start living out of her car. She’s not that kind of person. Her phone just doesn’t work. I’ve sent multiple emails to all the email addresses I’ve had for her over the years, I’ve sent messages on Signal, Instagram, and Facebook and nothing is going through or being read at all. I know Camila like a sister. She would never go so long without talking to anybody. She’d definitely have contacted me or her sister by now for sure […] and I’m just starting to fear that something’s happened to her.”

Back on August 8, Camila’s sister first reached out to Montgomery, who currently resides in New York, after she hadn’t heard from the writer in several weeks. Montgomery quickly contacted the Beverly Hills Police Department and asked them to do a welfare check at her apartment. When officers got to the place, there was no sign of Camela or her 19-year-old cat, Morris. A missing persons report was filed that same day.

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Her landlord told the police she had been evicted from the home recently, but had no clue where she went since then. KABC reported there was a “for rent” sign out front of the property and the plants on the balcony were dead. Montgomery claimed to The Sun Camela had been struggling financially during the coronavirus pandemic, as she made her money through music, modeling, and acting. But during her last chat with Camela in May, she claimed the performer was her usual happy self — despite her housing problem.

It’s a big mystery what happened to Camela, and very little information is known at this time. And as more time passes by without any answers about Camela’s whereabouts, her loved ones are becoming more nervous. So far, Montgomery said nothing has come out of the police’s investigation:

“Unfortunately there has been no movement whatsoever [in the investigation] – there are just no leads. I know she was facing some challenging times […] but nobody realized the extent, because she had a lot of pride and she was very stoic about that kind of thing. But at this point, we can’t even organize a search party because nobody knows where she last was.”

She continued:

“Her family is just devastated and they feel helpless being so far away, unable to do anything. I’m a positive person and I like to try and think positively, but, as the days go on, if she had been living off the grid or something I know I would’ve heard from her by now. She would be mad at me for raising all this attention and we’d have a little sister fight about it. I’m just nervous that with each passing day, it’s going to be more difficult to find her or hear anything about her. I know the first 24, 48, and 72 hours are crucial in a missing persons investigation – and now it’s been seven weeks, and still we have nothing. I’m worried something has happened to her or that someone has taken advantage of the vulnerable state she’s in.”

Montgomery then made a plea to Camela to come home or if anyone has any information about what happened to her to come forward:

“I want her to know that I love her and that I need her. And please just call me or reach out to anybody and we will come and get you wherever you are. And to anyone that maybe knows where she is, for whatever reason, I would just like them to know that Camela is a human being who so many love so dearly. She’s a talent and a light in this world and we’re going to find her. So beware.”

You can see more from Montgomery on her IG HERE.

GoFundMe has been made to raise money to cover the expenses of private investigators and for a reward for any details that result in her safe return. Police have also asked if anyone knows anything to contact the BHPD Watch Commander at 310-550-4951. You can see more details about Camela (below):

We’re hoping beyond hope Camela is found safe and reconnected with her loved ones soon. If you know anything, Perezcious readers, please reach out!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Facebook.]

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