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Kelly Clarkson Gets Restraining Order Against Fan Who Keeps Coming To Her House With Strange Gifts

Kelly Clarkson Restraining Order Fan Strange Gifts

Fans, for reference, this is too much! Way, way too much…

Kelly Clarkson was forced to finally get a restraining order against a woman who keeps coming to her house uninvited to give her things!

According to law enforcement sources spilling to TMZ, the American Idol alum’s security team called the LAPD this week to deal with a woman they said just will not stop returning to the private residence, even after being asked not to multiple times. The woman — a total stranger to Kelly — has been showing up almost every day the past month, at least 18 times in all.

Now remember, Kelly doesn’t know this person at all, but she just kept bringing little gifts for the pop star. Not merch to be autographed, nothing even having to do with Kelly herself, apparently! She’s brought such random items as stickers, seeds, cards, plants, and dog toys. (Yes, that’s a dog toy up top in the photo, btw!)

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Obviously this stuff is harmless — so far — but a stranger trespassing on your property every day isn’t. Remember, Kelly has kids, y’all! River Rose Blackstock and Remington Blackstock are just 8 and 6 years old, respectively. She can’t have this kind of thing, as ridiculous as it seems, with kids that young around. The unrelenting nature of the visits is the real alarming part of it all. According to legal docs, the security team asked the woman to stop, even telling her she was on camera — at which point she apologized and left… only to return again and again.

After the woman was identified as Huguette Nicole Young, Kelly was left with no choice but to protect her family by filing for a restraining order to keep her legally 100 yards away. The docs, filed by Kelly’s lawyer Ed McPherson, spell out all this behavior, which they say started at the end of October. In the filing, Kelly’s head of security for the past five years, Michael Lopez, seemed perplexed by the visitor and all her gifts and notes for Kelly.

The judge granted the Since U Been Gone singer a temporary order against the 56-year-old stranger — until a proper hearing can be held later in the month to determine what to do next. Young will have to keep clear not just of Kelly’s home but of her work and her children’s school, too. We’ll have to see if the woman follows the law and stays away.

[Image via The Kelly Clarkson Show/TODAY/YouTube.]

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Dec 09, 2022 18:29pm PDT