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Kendra Wilkinson Calls Out Holly Madison For Spilling Playboy Mansion & Girls Next Door Tea: 'Dude, It's 2021'

holly madison, kendra wilkinson : responds to comments about playboy memories

We didn’t expect to see The Girls Next Door drama more than ten years after the show went off the air — and neither did Kendra Wilkinson!

Back in the early aughts, Kendra, Bridget Marquardt, and Holly Madison let the public into their lives in the Playboy Mansion, as the girlfriends of the infamous Hugh Hefner. Holly has since opened up about the experience behind the scenes in her book Down the Rabbit Hole, and more recently in an appearance on the podcast Call Her Daddy.

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On the pod, the author revealed that she and Kendra weren’t friends, and also claimed that “nobody ever got asked to move in unless they had slept with him,” which Kendra (among other Playmates) has denied in the past. And while Holly’s words were mostly focused on her own personal experiences, Kendra did not appreciate getting dragged back into the discourse.

Commenting on E! News‘ Instagram post about the story, Hank Baskett‘s ex wrote:

“Dude… it’s 2021

She added:

“In response to her but times have changed. I forgive and have kids to love and focus on

kendra wilkinson : instagram comments on Holly Madison
(c) E! News/Instagram

When another commenter asking why she was “always hating” on her former co-star, Kendra replied:

“how am I hating. She’s [the] one out there. I’m all love now baby

Still, fans were quick to come to Holly’s defense. One remarked:

“yeah it’s 2021, it doesn’t change the fact that this happened, and @hollymadison shouldn’t be shamed for discussing it on the @callherdaddy podcast, there’s nothing wrong with comparing what was glamorized 20 years ago to how things are now. Thank God it’s 2021 and misogyny is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. How about we not silence women, even if what they’re discussing happened years ago.”

Surprisingly, Kendra responded:

“ok if you believe this will help women then I will try to understand. I wish I had more time with Holly to understand this side… I wish her the best in life and this helps heal her.”

That’s a pretty mature response, TBH!

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In fairness to everyone involved, the E! post Kendra saw pulled a quote that centered around the girls, rather than her traumatic experience with Hef — which the bulk of her Call Her Daddy interview was about.

We don’t know if Kendra checked out the rest of the interview, but we understand her defensive reaction to a pull quote that just appeared to be Holly gossiping about her roommates 15 years after the fact. But the 41-year-old’s story is so much more complicated than that, and we’re glad Kendra is willing to at least try to understand her perspective. We hope they’re all able to find peace and healing after living such an unusual fishbowl experience in the Mansion.

[Image via Chris Connor/WENN]

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