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Kevin Hart Is In A Wheelchair For MONTHS After He 'Tore' Multiple Muscles In Race With Former Pro Athlete!

Kevin Hart Ends Up In A Wheelchair After Getting Injured During Race With Former Pro Athlete!

Kevin Hart learned the hard way about what can happen when a mere mortal tries to perform at the level of a former professional athlete!

According to the 44-year-old comedian, he challenged ex-NFL running back Stevan Ridley to a 40-yard dash. Kevin was so confident he really thought he could beat the retired New England Patriots player — but his body told him otherwise! He posted a video to Instagram Wednesday to let fans know yes, he’s confined a wheelchair for the next couple of weeks! Apparently he tore his lower abdomen and abductors during the race! OMG!

But Kevin isn’t blaming Stevan for the injury. Nope, he blamed his current predicament on his age! And, you know, being overconfident. He said in the clip:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the age 40 is real. To all my men, women out there that are 40 years old and above, it’s not a game. Respect that age. Respect that age or that age will make you respect it. I was just forced to respect it. This is just a public service announcement because I know people may see me out, and I don’t want you to be alarmed. But I’m in a wheelchair. I’m in a wheelchair. Why? Well, because I tried to jump out there and do some young stuff. I tried to go out there and do some young man stuff, and I was told to sit my ass down.”

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The Ride Along actor went on to explain that he and Stevan got into “a little debate” over “who is faster.” That’s when Kevin had the bright idea of challenging the athlete to the 40-yard dash. As he said in the video:

“Guys, I blew all my s**t. Tore my lower abdomen, my abductors are torn. I don’t even know what that is, but I tore them. I tore those two.”

Abductors are the outer hip and thigh muscles btw. OUCH!

Kev continued to slam himself for doing the “stupidest s**t ever,” saying:

“I can’t walk. Sit my ass down. This is 44. Tell you what you just lost, son. You just lost every opportunity of me going to racing you anytime soon. It’s over. Sit down. What are we competing for at this age? What am I doing? Why did I even race? Stupidest s**t ever! Now I can’t walk … What was I thinking, son? God, got to be the stupidest man alive. It is what it is, man. This is life.”

And now he has “about six to eight” weeks in the wheelchair. Damn! No wonder why he’s regretting that bet now! You can see his entire PSA (below):

Following the video, Stevan took to Instagram Stories to apologize to the Fatherhood star… and of course tease him a bit! He wrote:

“I saw @tombrady do it at your age so I figured you had the juice too big bro. My bad. Heal up and keep making us all laugh.”

Kevin Hart Ends Up In A Wheelchair After Getting Injured During Race With Former Pro Athlete!
(c) Stevan Ridley/Instagram

Well, it’s safe to say Kevin won’t be making the same mistake of challenging professional athletes moving forward! Rest up, Kevin! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via Kevin Hart/Instagram, Stevan Ridley/Instagram]

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