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Tori Spelling Was 'Running On Empty' Before Hospitalization -- Which Was Caused By THIS??

Tori Spelling ‘Running On Empty’ Ahead Of Hospitalization – Which May Have Been Due To Mold Inflection??

Tori Spelling has been having a super tough summer, and it even landed her in the hospital!

As we reported, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum revealed back in May that her family was dealing with a string of illnesses that often sent her children to Urgent Care. At first, she thought they were just picking up germs at school — until she realized they’d been absent more days than they were present! This revelation led to the discovery that the family’s El Lay rental home had a severe mold infestation.

They promptly moved out — and now Tori and her kids Liam, 16, Stella, 15, Hattie, 11, Finn, 10, and Beau, 6, have been livin’ it up in an RV. Some say it’s just a fun “summer vacation” adventure, but others claim it’s a sign of trouble as she deals with money woes and marriage troubles with her estranged husband Dean McDermott.

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The last thing she needed was to land herself in the hospital, but alas, that’s where she found herself earlier this month!

She’s yet to explain what happened, but did post a picture days ago wearing a medical bracelet on her fourth day in the facility.

Tori Spelling Hospitalized With Unknown Condition
Get well soon, Tori! / (c) Tori Spelling/Instagram

Then when she checked out, she looked worse for wear and was covered in unexplained bruises! Even on her face! Paparazzi snaps captured her being wheeled out with the noticeable marks on her cheeks that were published just a few days ago, which you can see HERE.

Naturally, we’ve all been worried! But now a source is opening up about what likely led to the hospitalization. On Wednesday, a confidant told Us Weekly that the 50-year-old’s stay may have been tied to the recent “mold issues.”

They explained:

“Tori is frustrated she’s still dealing with getting sick. She thought moving out [of the house] would be the solution, but these issues obviously linger for much longer.”

Jeez. They’ve been out of the rental for quite some time, so if this really is the mold problem, they must have gotten seriously infected while in that home! BTW, bruising can be a side effect of toxic mold issues, so it seems possible this is what she could be dealing with. So unsettling!

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A second source blamed her living conditions, financial troubles, and rocky marriage for contributing to this health crisis:

“Tori has been to hell and back the past few months. She’s been running on empty for such a long time. It’s just been one problem after another.”

The same insider went on to say the True Tori alum is in a “very tight” spot as she tries to figure out how to get her family out of this difficult situation, they noted:

“There’s so much up in the air, including where she’s going to live and how things are going to play out with Dean. But Tori’s a fighter and she’s vowing to pull through this and come out stronger.”

We have no doubt she will find her way through this. It’d just be a lot easier if she weren’t dealing with sickness on top of it all!

Addressing this, the source said she first “needs to get her health back on track again” before she can deal with the rest on her plate. We know that’s right.

Whatever may be going on, we are wishing Tori a speedy recovery! Onward and upward!!

[Image via Tori Spelling/Instagram]

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