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KFed NOT Set For Life!


Was Kevin Federline using his kids as a pawn to get more money from Britney????

It sure seems that way!

Spears’ attorney, Laura Wasser, filed paperwork on Friday that will make the failed rapper financially secure for the rest of his life.

Per their pre-nuptial agreement, KFed’s spousal support was supposed to end in two months.

According to the just filed new spousal agreement, Spears will pay Federline $20,000 a month until “the death of either party, or the remarriage of Federline.”

The payments will be due on the first of each month.

This will presumably put an end (at least temporarily) to their messy paternity battle.

What a lucky bastard!

Update: Per TMZ…..

As we first reported, K-Fed signed a prenup which cut off his $20K support after November, 2007. The order we just obtained was signed by the judge — today.

It appears from the document that Britney may have agreed to ante up money indefinitely, but we’ve learned that’s not the case. Sources say the pre-nup is still in effect and the document was filed for technical tax reasons. So K-Fed gets K cut off in two months.

[Image via Celebrity Babylon.]

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Sep 14, 2007 16:00pm PDT