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Kid Rock Spotted Drinking Bud Light After Transphobic Beer-Shooting Stunt!

Kid Rock Spotted Drinking Bud Light After His Absurd Anti-Dylan Mulvaney Beer-Shooting Stunt! Seriously!

If you needed more evidence Kid Rock was full of s**t… OK, obviously you don’t, but it’s here anyway.

Back in April, the rap-rock star posted a jaw-dropping video to Twitter in which he destroyed cases of Bud Light by shooting them to smithereens with an AR-style rifle in front of a pond. That completely inappropriate shooting vid came in direct response to the beer brand’s decision to partner with transgender star influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

But while his protest may have been bombastic, his taste buds don’t seem to share the courage of his idiotic convictions.

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On Thursday night, the Michigan-born recording artist was in Nashville, Tennessee taking in Colt Ford‘s show at Skydeck. He was standing in an elevated area hanging out with some pals, when fans in the crowd below noticed something interesting: a bright blue can in his hand.

Annnnnnd yep! It appears to have been a Bud Light!!!

The 52-year-old rocker — real name Robert Ritchie — was holding and taking sips from a very noticeable blue Bud Light can while he hung out to watch the show. The exact same color can as those in Mulvaney’s original vid, and those Kid Rock shot up this past April. Look!

What gives, Bob?! We thought you shot Bud Light out of existence at that pond a few months back?? Didn’t you very famously say at the time “f**k Bud Light and f**k Anheuser-Busch”?! But your tune appears to have changed now. What’s up??


The truth is, the folks leading the charge against Bud Light never really cared — they just hate trans people and the LGBT community in general and wanted to send a message to companies that they better discriminate against them in the future.

But the next time you see these right-wing yahoos blasting LGBT folks, picture Kid Rock drinking his beer there. And remember, none of this actually ever affected Kid Rock’s life in any way, or whether he enjoyed Bud Light. Just like the existence of trans folks continues to NOT AFFECT THEIR LIVES IN ANY WAY.


[Image via Kid Rock/Twitter/CNN/YouTube/Dylan Mulvaney/Instagram]

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Aug 18, 2023 14:00pm PDT