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Kim Cattrall Claims She Was NEVER Asked To Be On And Just Like That -- And Responds To Sarah Jessica Parker's Recent Comments!

Kim Cattrall Claims She Was NEVER Asked To Be On And Just Like That!

So the door was really slammed shut then?!

Kim Cattrall is finally opening up — at length — about the new Sex and the City spinoff series, And Just Like That! In a new interview with Variety out on Wednesday, the actress got candid about her decision not to reprise her role, Samantha Jones, in the highly-anticipated revival, a choice she first made back in 2017 after she had already filmed six seasons and two movies of the franchise. She shared:

“It’s a great wisdom to know when enough is enough. I also didn’t want to compromise what the show was to me. The way forward seemed clear.”

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It was the second film that solidified her desire to head onto a new acting adventure, she added:

“Everything in me went, ‘I’m done.’”

Eventually, the whole franchise would halt until last year when HBO Max decided to air a reboot about the women in their 50s… only, this one didn’t include Kim’s lovable character. For months, those behind the scenes claimed that the door was wide open for Kim to strut back in and reprise her role (if she ever chose to), but now that seems like one big lie! Cattrall revealed:

“I was never asked to be part of the reboot. I made my feelings clear after the possible third movie, so I found out about it like everyone else did — on social media.”

Daaaamn! It’s one thing not to invite her back, but why the hell were people trying to pretend that there was ever a possibility fans could see Samantha back in the flesh when they clearly had no intentions of including her?! That’s f**ked up.

One reason could be that producers were scared fans might skip the series if not for Samantha. Variety’s Ramin Setoodeh even brought that up in the interview, saying that fans have been wondering how the series would work without the last member of the core four, to which she teased:

“You said it. Not me.”


And for the record: she’s never coming back even if they did ask!

“​​That’s a no. It’s powerful to say no.”

That said, she seems pleasantly surprised by fans’ reactions to her absence, adding later:

“I’ve come to the conclusion that really the greatest compliment I could have as an actor is to be missed.”

It doesn’t sound like Kim is suffering from any FOMO, either. When asked if she considers her former co-stars friends, she mused:

“I guess it’s how you define friends. I think we were colleagues. My colleagues aren’t my friends. It was professional.”

Last month, leading lady Sarah Jessica Parker also opened up to the outlet about the series — and she dropped a bomb. The star said that she would not be okay with having Kim, whom she’s been in a public feud with for years, back on the show, explaining:

“I don’t think I would, because I think there’s just too much public history of feelings on her part that she’s shared.”

When asked to share her thoughts on those harsh words, the Queer as Folk star said:

“Well, it would never happen anyway. So nobody has to worry about that.”

While she’s only “heard” about AJLT, the 65-year-old does have some spicy opinions of her own to share!! Slamming the creative vision for the show, she remarked:

“The series is basically the third movie. That’s how creative it was.”

Speaking of the third movie, do you remember those rumors that (had the film not gotten canceled) Samantha’s storyline was going to include her receiving unwanted “dick pics” from Miranda Hobbes’ 14-year-old son, Brady? Well, Kim opened up about that too, saying:

“It’s heartbreaking.”

Wow. We can imagine why a storyline like that made her want to ditch the series for good!

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Noting that her character wasn’t progressing in the franchise, she elaborated:

“I would have preferred for all of us to have some kind of event to warrant a third film. That didn’t happen. But also, I was ready. And this is exactly what I wished for: to be in different places playing different characters because I’m a character actress. And as difficult as it was, and as scary as it is to stand up and not be bullied by the press or the fans or whomever — to just say, I’m good. I’m on this track. It was so great working with you. I so enjoyed it, but I’m over here.”

As she adjusts to seeing the SATC world move on without her, she doesn’t have any regrets:

“I don’t know how to feel about it. It’s so finite for me, so it doesn’t continue. I think I would ponder it more if I didn’t have something like Queer as Folk or How I Met Your Father. That’s kind of where I’m centered around. This feels like an echo of the past. Other than the really wonderful feeling of — it’s rare in my business — people wanting more, especially at 65. That feels powerful, that I’ve left something behind that I’m so proud of.”

Just how most viewers feel, Samantha may never return to the screen, but she’ll never be forgotten in Kim’s heart, she gushed:

“I loved her. I loved her so, so, so much. It’s tough competition. The original show is in all of our imaginations. But for me, it feels clean.”

Whoa. Honestly, it’s not hard to see why she’s over the franchise after all that! But to think she didn’t even get asked back?? That’s harsh. Hear more from her interview (below).

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

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