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Kim Kardashian Letting Her Mobile App DIE! Sorry, Fans!

Kim Kardashian Hollywood App Dead Fans React

It’s the end of an era… the quite sudden and unexpected end, as it turns out.

Nearly a decade after it first went live, Kim Kardashian‘s mobile game is officially out of business. Kim Kardashian Hollywood players were greeted with an alert this week warning them the app “no longer offers in-app purchases and has been removed from app stores.” You can no longer download the app at all! It’s just GONE!

As for all the “in-game currency” longtime players have racked up as they went through the virtual Kardashian experience in Tinseltown? They can use it for the next three months. But come April 8, the game “will become inaccessible” to everyone. They’re just letting it die. And even though players can still use their currency for closet and collection items, many had purchased currency for the app’s weekly Show Your Style games and monthly Seasons events. According to players venting their frustrations online, both seem to be gone now. Whomp.

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In a statement to TMZ, Kim explained:

“I’m so grateful from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has loved and played Kim Kardashian: Hollywood in the past 10 years. This journey has meant so much to me but I’ve realized that it’s time to focus that energy into other passions. I want to thank the Glu team and the many people behind the scenes who have worked diligently on making it a success. I will be forever inspired by this community that we built together.”

Focus her energy into other… Why is she acting like she’s been busy sitting in front of a computer programming this thing? And why isn’t it being allowed to continue in its current form, even without updates or new in-app purchases, for its most devoted fans? Hmm…

Needless to say, loyal fans are pissed, writing comments on the Glu Mobile forum like:

“Sure wish an announcement would have been made at the beginning of December so we could have used our game currency while events were still active”

“I really wish Glu would have made an announcement months ago. This game is very special to me (I’ve been playing since high school) and I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but it would have been nice to know that this past seasons was going to be the last beforehand. I have 12,000 K stars, I would have absolutely spent them opening extra mega boxes if I knew.”

“this is absolutely insane, and what a terrible way to go about announcing it! shows how little they truly cared about this game”

“also I had purchased 4 12 ticket packs during the Holiday Market sys to stock up for future ones, and now that the game is officially sunsetting, will we still have sys till then? Or will I have to refund it because now I have 48 useless tickets and I’m out $35”

“I really wish that we could’ve gotten a warning before hand, I mean many of us already knew that it was going to end but would’ve really appreciated if we were told, bc I would’ve opened up more season mega boxes, and now there’s nothing to do, since seasons & sys are gone.”

“Not me having 50 Sys tickets saved…”

“I really thought they would let the game hold on until June for the 10 year. I can’t believe how sad I am over an app”

“This is actually insane lmao. I feel like people who spent money on this game should definitely be refunded, given that we won’t be able to access what we PAID for come April. This definitely doesn’t sound right.”

“I hate that this comes so abruptly. Even when the updates were gone, it was still said that there’s no plan to shut the game down. I have friends who still bought tickets for upcoming sys and are subscribed to Gold/Silver VIPs since there was no word that it will not continue as it had up to the end of 2023. I’m not completely shocked but this but it’s a very crappy way to end everything.”

“Absolutely rude and gross that they couldn’t give us a heads up so we could buy boxes, use tickets, etc. Clearly it was more important to make any money they could until the very last minute.”

“This is insane? I just bought a HomeChef subscription to get k-stars during black Friday, if I had known there would be no more seasons I would have opened all the boxes I could have! Now I’ve sunk years and money into growing and collecting my closet, dressing up NPC, decorating houses and clothing my ‘kids,’ and i won’t be able to access the game in 4 months? I have 2000 k-stars to throw away? Frankly, what the mud”

“Lmao Glu just gave a huge slap in the face to all of the people who still loved and played the game even if there was not new quests or clothes. The disrespect is phenomenal, how could you treat your loyal players like that after all these years? I understand if the notice was short but they knew before the New Year’s Eve they wouldn’t continue the game. I’m glad I didn’t spend a penny on this game, uninstalling it right now, at least I’ll have some more storage lol”

Oof! Games come and go. These things happen, but it sounds like the game shutting down wouldn’t have hurt so bad had there been a better heads up…

[Image via App Store/YouTube.]

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