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Kim Kardashian Losing 20k Followers A Day Since Taylor Swift Diss -- And Fans Want Kris Jenner To Step In!

Kim Kardashian Is Shedding IG Followers After Taylor Swift's TTPD Diss -- And Fans Want Kris Jenner To Step In!

Kim Kardashian is shedding followers — and it’s all because of Taylor Swift?!

As of late Monday morning, the SKIMS mogul has nearly 364 MILLION followers on Instagram. That makes hers the eighth most-followed IG account in the entire world! So losing a few followers isn’t going to knock her down to zero anytime soon — it’s a drop in the bucket. But losing still ain’t exactly what ya want!! What happened??

On Friday TayTay released The Tortured Poets Department, and while plenty of it was about her two recent breakups, one song in particular really caught everyone’s attention. Unlike the rest of the double album, thanK you aIMee was a not so thinly-veiled diss track directed at Kim following her and ex-husband Kanye West‘s 15-year-long feud with the pop superstar! And in the hours after the release, fans FLOODED Kim’s socials with comments about the diss track!

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Now, the results are really in: Kim has lost a boatload of fans! Per TMZ and Us Weekly‘s counts, since Taylor’s new double album dropped on Friday, the KUWTK alum has lost more than 100,000 IG followers! Womp womp!! We don’t know where they got their figures, but we double checked the numbers ourselves, and according to the InsTrack app (HERE), Kim is indeed seeing people flee from her account! As you can see (below), that tracker claims she has lost at least 75,000 followers since TayTay’s release:

Kim Kardashian Is Shedding IG Followers After Taylor Swift's <i>TTPD</i> Diss -- And Fans Want Kris Jenner To Step In!
/ (c) InsTrack App


Again, the SKKN By Kim mogul still has a loooooong way to go to hit zero from 363 million, so don’t count on her to flee IG in shame. Like, ever. But it is interesting to watch the backlash surge across social media! Things have gotten so tricky for Kim that her more diehard fans are now commenting on momager Kris Jenner‘s IG account with pleas for some kind of response! Per Us Weekly and the Independent, here are just a few of the takes on Kris being called upon to “work that magic” for Kim’s career:

“Kris, you need to help Kim. why you being quiet? Work that magic on this TayTay drama, girl.”

“You Swifties think that Taylor won? She just solidified Kim as a legend by dedicating a whole song to her. *awaits Kris jenner making merch out of this or including it in kardashian’s new season*”

“me just waiting for Kris to spin this Taylor beef into a new Skimms collection or something. Y’all wait”

“it didn’t help your daughter to punch the greatest female artist in history, educate better.”

“Kris ain’t crying, y’all. She’s telling Kim ‘you’re doing great Sweetie’, with this Taylor s**t lol”

LOLz! That last one is actually HIGHlarious. No publicity is bad publicity, right?! And to be fair, the criticism cuts both ways!! Take this viral X (Twitter) post from Friday as proof that at least some people are turning on Taylor for still going after Kim YEARS after their fight:

Clearly, everyone involved has this thing turned up to 11. And TBH, we’re here for the dramz. LOLz!! Seriously, tho — what do U make of Kim’s IG decline after TTPD dropped, y’all? Sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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