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Comedian Calls Out Kim Kardashian's 'Robot' Behavior At Tom Brady Roast: 'Never Seen Anything Like That'

Comedian Calls Out Kim Kardashian's 'Robot' Behavior At Tom Brady Roast: 'Never Seen Anything Like That'

Kim Kardashian‘s unfazed behavior at Tom Brady‘s roast — despite getting booed by the crowd — totally freaked a fellow attendee out!

On the latest episode of his podcast Flagrant on Wednesday, stand-up comedian Andrew Schulz said the reality star seemed “dissociated” through the entire, three-hour event! He reflected:

“I’ve never seen somebody be so dissociated in my life. If somebody told me, ‘Hey, it’s not really Kim Kardashian. She has this like robot, where she can essentially control what it says but it’s not like, there’s no human aspect to it.’ I’d be like, ‘Oh, I get it.’ She sat with perfect posture for three hours straight. Smiled, laughed. I’ve never seen anything like that. Completely unaffected.”


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He, like everyone else, was also super impressed that the SKIMS founder kept her cool when she got up on stage and was immediately booed by the crowd! Andrew added:

“Even when she was up there, they were kind of booing her. It didn’t make her smile. It didn’t make her sad. It was nothing.”

And now it really was nothing, as far as the history books are concerned! Since Netflix thought the moment was so brutal, they edited it out of the final version of the special! But we all know what went down that night!

That said, it sounds like there was even more happening in the room that we didn’t see on-camera. Describing the crowd as like “a Buffalo Bills tailgate” because it was so rowdy, the Guy Code alum recalled:

“Kim’s up there doing her set and then this guy in the stands, out of nowhere, just goes, ‘Bitch!’ It was as if he had been holding it in for a whole minute and he just couldn’t hold it anymore. … Just seeing Kim Kardashian on stage for three minutes was too much for him to hold it in.”

Jeez! Rude!

An Us Weekly source previously revealed that the model had a “blast” at the event and “wouldn’t change a thing,” noting:

Kris [Jenner] always taught her kids that they need to have very thick skin in order to handle the criticism that comes with the fame. So this was nothing new and nothing Kim couldn’t take. Kim thought she handled the whole situation really well and doesn’t have any regrets about participating whatsoever. She would definitely do it all over again. Kim felt like even though some of the jokes about her were brutal, it was still all in good fun.”

She and her sisters are definitely used to some hate comments by now. Although we have to imagine she was caught off guard considering she was supposed to be there to throw punches at her rumored ex — not be on the receiving end of ’em! Though her ability to ignore the trolls wasn’t a shock to many of her fans, people wrote on a TikTok clip of Andrew’s podcast:

“In all honesty is also admirable how unbreakable she is”

“Good for her. She is the one laughing all the way to the bank. I applaud her.”

“She’s been getting hate her whole career. She gotta be bullet proof at this point. Nothing bothers her because she’s heard and read it all already.”

She certainly kept it professional — even if she was hurting inside! See the clip (below):


Kim Kardashian At The Tom Brady Roast

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Reactions? Were YOU surprised by how calm and collected she was? Sound OFF (below)!

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