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King Charles Wants To 'Mend Fences' With Prince Harry -- But Will Insisted On 'Swift & Brutal' Rejection!

King Charles Rejecting Prince Harry Offer Return William

If this is accurate, Prince William isn’t just keeping his own fraternal feud alive — he’s keeping his brother from finding peace with the rest of the royal family, too!

Prince Harry made it clear he still very much cares for his father, rift or no, rushing back to the UK when he heard about King Charles‘ cancer diagnosis. Word is he offered his help, some kind of temporary return to royal life, just to help out.

This really could have been the beginning of the end of this damn feud. These types of emergencies do sometimes bring families together, even royal ones. But it was apparently not to be. And Richard Eden has theories about what happened.

In his Palace Confidential newsletter, per, the royal expert says he heard the same about Harry, that he wanted to come back in some measure:

“Now, Harry wants to return to royal duties, in some form, I am told. But this week he’s been given a taste of what to expect when his brother is King – isolation.”

Ouch! Yes, his understanding is it was Will who put his foot down on the matter:

“What I hear is that, while the King is keen to mend fences with his younger son, Prince William is adamant that the Royal Household should stick with the Sandringham summit agreement with Queen Elizabeth of 2020.”

The Sandringham summit agreement was that there would be no half-measures in Megxit. If Harry and Meghan Markle wanted out of royal life, the Queen decided, they were out. Completely. And William was the one arguing Charles should stick to it? Hmm.

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Well, the letter of the law it was. Eden writes that the response to Harry’s request was “swift and brutal”:

“The King, my colleague Rebecca English was told, was firmly of the opinion that there was no way back for Harry as a working royal ‘in any way, shape or form.'”

And it’s only going to get worse when Will ascends:

“There is no way that the Sussexes will ever be allowed to rejoin ‘The Firm’ when William’s on the throne, unless they give up money-making and apologise for their behaviour over the past few years.”

Wow, Will is demanding Harry and Meghan apologize for leaving at all? For discussing family matters in interviews and documentaries? As far as giving up money-making, well, that part seems to be happening rather naturally. Despite the fact companies have proven eager to try to hire them, neither seems particularly adept at creating the kind of content anyone wants.

Do YOU think Harry will one day come back? Even if Will makes him do so on his knees??

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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Feb 22, 2024 18:11pm PDT