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This Expert Thinks Kourtney Kardashian's Parenting Style Hurt Her Relationship With Scott Disick!

This Expert Thinks Kourtney Kardashian's Parenting Style Hurt Her Relationship With Scott Disick!

Say whatttt??? Do people really think Kourtney Kardashian‘s parenting style ruined her relationship with Scott Disick?!

A high-profile child-raising whiz is speaking out about that possibility with a shocking new argument. Parenting expert Kirsty Ketley wrote a piece for The Sun on Thursday in which she argues Kourt’s “attachment parenting” style may have hampered the 43-year-old reality TV star’s past relationship with the father of her three children. Damn!!

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In her piece, Ketley uses the Poosh founder’s own words to lay out the case. The parenting expert explains that Kourt herself has given a hat tip to the attachment parenting theory before, claiming in a Redbook interview that she “didn’t plan it,” but the style “came naturally” to her.

Ketley explained the attachment parenting ethic, which was first developed by pediatrician William Sears in the 1980s, and why it’s so popular with parents nowadays:

“In a nutshell, it is about constant physical closeness and being responsive to your baby, which includes baby wearing, co-sleeping and long-term breastfeeding. The thinking is by attending to a baby’s needs in a responsive way, you help them feel safe and secure.”

The parenting guru continued:

“The core idea is a secure parent-child attachment, achieved by being sensitive and responsive, paves the way for their independence and secure relationships as an adult. It’s something all parents would want for their kids and, like Kourtney, feels natural, which is why it has become such a well-liked way to parent.”


According to Ketley, the attachment parenting style includes things like breastfeeding “on demand,” frequently holding your baby close, avoiding a strict “adult-imposed” feeding schedule, being responsive to a baby’s cries, and even co-sleeping!

And that last one, the co-sleeping, is particularly noteworthy for the parenting expert.

Ketley explained:

“Many parents don’t set out to co-sleep, baby wear or breastfeed long term, they have ideas of being able to put the baby down whenever they need to and visions of their baby sleeping happily in the crib.”

Ironically, that’s nearly exactly what Kourtney has said in the past. Like, almost verbatim!!

Travis Barker‘s wife previously explained how she accidentally came across co-sleeping in that same earlier Redbook chat:

“When I had Mason, co-sleeping just kind of happened naturally. It’s what worked for all of us to get the most sleep, so I quickly embraced it.”

And in a separate piece she later wrote for her own lifestyle site, the Poosh founder touched on co-sleeping once more:

“I remember going through times of trying to get him to sleep in his own bed. Many nights he would start off in his room and make his way into ours. I eventually embraced a family bed and followed his lead for when he was ready to sleep in his room. When he was seven, he started sleeping in his room on his own.”

So that’s something!

Kourtney Kardashian Claps Back At Critic Who Calls Out KUWTK Star's Kravis Focus Over Kids
With the kids older now, Kourtney and Travis maybe won’t run into the same issue?! / (c) Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Ketley explained that there are supposedly a lot of positives to co-sleeping, and the other aspects of the attachment parenting style of child-rearing.

The expert wrote:

“It has been shown to buffer the effects of parent stress on a child, which reduces the likelihood of emotional and behavioral problems as a result of these stresses, and it helps kids regulate their emotions more effectively — which may mean less tantrums. … It has been shown toddlers with a secure attachment score better in intelligence tests, and research babies who received skin-to skin care in their first few weeks had better sleep patterns as they grew.”

But. BUT!!! There are significant negatives, too.

The parenting guru argued that the attachment parenting way of life can have negative consequences for the parents’ relationship with each other after childbirth:

“Some feel it can have a negative impact on other relationships in a parent’s life. Co-sleeping can mean one parent sleeps in another room, for instance and may feel neglected, as Scott Disick did during the early years of son Mason’s life.”


And Kirsty rightly points out one more little thing:

“Attachment Parenting can also be seen as a privilege for those who don’t have to return to work.”

Yeah, so Kourt is definitely covered on that part…

It’s all supposition, of course, but what do y’all make of Ketley’s argument about attachment parenting possibly killing Kourt’s connection to Lord Disick?? There were many (many, many) other problems going on in that relationship, too. On his side. So it can’t all be blamed on attachment parenting. (Or even most of it!!)

At the end of the day, whatever happened between Kourt and Scott turned out for the best in a sense, in that it made room for Travis Barker, so, there’s that slice of the cake to eat and think about too.

But is there something here, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)…

BTW, you can read the full attachment parenting argument HERE.

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