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Kris Humphries Taunted With 'Kanye' Chant While Shooting Free Throws! Is His 72-Day Marriage To Kim Kardashian Still Haunting Him?!

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Perhaps it’s time to give Kris Humphries a little slack, no?
Kris and Kim Kardashian‘s short-lived 72 day marriage may have disintegrated just over three years ago, but even today, he still can’t hear the end of it!
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During a recent game that pitted the Washington Wizards against the Toronto Raptors, Toronto fans subjected the Wizards player to a “Kanye” chant while he was at the free throw line.
Eh, we thought all Canadians were supposed to be nice?!
Of course, the chant worked, and Kris missed the shot. So sad.

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Nov 13, 2014 18:45pm PDT