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Kris Jenner Has THOUGHTS About The Kardashians Being The Butt Of The Joke On Social Media!

Kris Jenner Has THOUGHTS About The Kardashians Being The Butt Of The Joke So Often On Social Media!

Kris Jenner isn’t going to keep quiet for long when it comes to her family’s reputation on social media!

Of course, the KarJenner clan has been in the public eye for nearly two full decades now after first breaking big with KUWTK back in the day. They’ve since transitioned to Hulu‘s hit streaming show The Kardashians, and with it has come a major social media fan response — both good and bad!

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Take Instagram and TikTok star Yuri Lamasbella, who has built up a massive following (more than 7 million followers across the two platforms!) through making fun of Kris and her daughters Khloé, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner! She uses Post-It notes to lampoon Khloé’s overly long nails, she’s got the flat affect of Kourtney’s voice completely perfected, and so much more!

Ch-ch-check out a couple of Lamasbella’s HIGHlarious recent videos (below) if you don’t know her yet:

Funny, right?! And we mention Lamasbella because Kris just explicitly called her out! But… in a good way!!

The 68-year-old momager is the cover model for the latest edition of Los Angeles Magazine. She’s being honored by the mag as their spring 2024 Woman of the Year! A nice nod for the business mogul!! Well, the mag asked Kris about what it’s like to have the public SO infatuated with her A-list fam, and Corey Gamble‘s love called out Lamasbella by name! She said:

“The Post-It note fingernails are my favorite part. I love it so much. And her impression of Kourtney — and just all of us.”

So nope — Kris is not upset! Actually, far from it! In vintage momager fashion, she not only praised the spoofs but also said she hoped somebody was managing Lamasbella’s career well:

“You have to be able to laugh at yourself, and she makes me giggle. This is a girl who I hope somebody’s paying. I wish I was her manager because I want her to make a lot of money for whatever she’s doing.”

LOLz! And that’s not the only attention Jenner is talking about! The publication also asked her about being named in a number of rap songs, including Megan Thee Stallion‘s early 2024 hit Hiss. Kris mused:

“I don’t know how I ended up in all of these rap songs over the years. Depending on the lyrics, they are rather flattering. I think my grandchildren, the older they get, they kind of get a kick out of it. So at least it gives me, like, 10% coolness as a grandmother.”


But it’s not all good. Jenner did note that she has “a real problem with bullies” who are “mean and critical online” about her family. On a serious note, she said:

“It’s unfortunate, but there are a lot of people who feel like they need to sound off about somebody else, and it’s cruel. It affects people’s mental health. I cannot imagine in a trillion years weighing in on somebody publicly and knowing that it would hurt someone’s feelings.”

Ouch! But then again, the best antidote to that — for Kris, at least — is to stay booked and busy. She explained:

“I don’t know how or where that comes from; most times it’s somebody that’s very unhappy within their own life. It’s a shame that our society has come to this. The good news is, I don’t read comments. For the most part I don’t pay attention. I’m too busy. I have 12 jobs.”

There you go! She really does have 12 jobs, too! LOLz! You can see her cover shot for that feature (below):

FWIW, Lamasbella found out fast about being name-dropped, because she took to her own IG Stories on Tuesday night and re-posted that cover shot with this inspirational message meant for Kris:

“HOW ICONIC! I’ve always been so inspired by the empire you’ve built.”

Mutual respect! Can’t hate that!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments (below)!

[Image via Hulu/YouTube]

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