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Did Kanye West Take A Swipe At Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner In New Song?!

Kanye West Takes A Swipe At Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner In New Song

Kanye West is STILL taking shots at Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner?!

After the rapper’s brand-new album Vultures 1 with Ty Dolla $ign dropped this month, fans noticed some lyrics seemingly take a swipe at his ex-wife and her momager. On the track Keys To My Life Ye says:

“Look at what I stumbled on, another man chillin’ on your couch with pajamas on. Thought I was the only one, how dare you have a man in your house eatin’ Papa Johns?”

Could the pajama line be about Kim and her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson? For those who don’t know, she threw a birthday party for the comedian’s birthday in 2021. Kim, Kris, Pete, and Flava Flav all wore matching pajamas for the night. So it seems like a reference to the former couple, though an obscure one!

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Plus, we all know how much Kanye wasn’t afraid to attack and harass Pete and Kim while they were dating. So we wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Yeezy designer dropped some more criticism about them through song. He went on to rap:

“Lookin’ how far we’ve come, I bought your first Vacheron. Guess we had an awesome run, ever since I lost my mom, you was like my foster mom. Hold me like your only son.”

Huh. That’s a lot…

When a screengrab of the lyrics appeared on a Reddit discussion titled “Kanye’s new lyrics about Kim,” fans immediately began to question whether Kanye was trying to get in some more digs at the famous fam he once feuded with so publicly. See the reactions (below):

“Tristan Thompson is the one eating papa johns on her couch.”

“Maybe he was talking about Kris.”

“Probably a stretch but the line ‘Lookin how far we’ve come, I bought your first vacheron’ is a nod to Kim… She’s been in the news for buying watches that belonged to Jackie Kennedy and Pharrell. Which happened after she and kanye were together. I think Kanye is referencing watches bc he feels he got her interested in them, sort of flexing his influence… and also that his influence helped her afford these nice things.”

“Ew. Foster mom line better be about Kris and not Kim.”

“is it about kris?”

“Honestly this just makes me feel sorry for her. He’s such a piece of s**t.”

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Is this song taking a swipe at Kris and Kim? Or do you believe fans are reaching? Sound OFF in the comments.

[Image via MEGA/WENN, Patricia Schlein/WENN, Fox News/YouTube]

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