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Kris Jenner Accused Of Sexual Assault (!!!) As Bodyguard Amends Claim

Kris Jenner Sexual Harassment Bodyguard Lawsuit

We told you last year about the sexual harassment lawsuit against Kris Jenner — and it just got a whole lot worse.

Previously the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s former bodyguard, a man named Marc McWilliams, accused her of a “pattern of unwanted and unwelcome sexual advances and otherwise harassing misconduct.”

That pattern, McWilliams claimed, included the 64-year-old exposing herself, asking about his sexual activities, suggesting they engage in a relationship, and massaging him on the neck and shoulders over and over again despite him asking her not to. He also said he was eventually fired for rebuffing her advances — which, while possibly a blessing considering the racist, hostile work environment he alleged, would still be against the law.

But was it even worse than he said?

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He previously claimed she caused “her hand to rest on (his) thigh and groin” as part of the larger pattern but did not go any further with that description. However, he is now accusing the KarJenner momager of sexual assault, saying she full-on groped his crotch.

In a new filing this week obtained by, McWilliams is now describing a “particularly shocking” incident which he says occurred on October 22, 2017.

According to the amended complaint, Kris was driving her Bentley with McWilliams in the passenger seat — where she’d told him to sit — and decided to go from zero to creepy in ten seconds:

“She began making comments to plaintiff [McWilliams] of a flirtatious and overtly sexual nature… Without warning, Jenner placed her right hand on the inside upper left thigh and groin area of McWilliams in a manner that was overtly sexually offensive. She then caused her right hand to move up the upper, inner left thigh and groin, while caressing McWilliams.”

Oof. If this is true it means not only did Kris molest this poor man, she did it while he was in a position where he couldn’t get away. As a passenger in a moving vehicle, you’re essentially captive to the driver’s whims. You can’t leave, and if you try to fight them off you could cause an accident.

McWilliams says he did all he could, turning his body away — but that she just touched his “inner groin and genital area” as he did.

The filing notes the 44-year-old was “shocked, offended and emotionally distressed” at the “outrageous and uninvited” physical contact. He also claims to have suffered from “physical and mental pain… illness… loss of sleep, depression” and other health problems since his employ.

Wow, that is a lot.

If you wondered whether Kris would just settle to sweep this under the rug, the answer is a firm NO. Her attorney Michael Rhodes released a statement making it clear she plans to fight, loudly:

“This lawsuit, filed back in September, has yet to be served on Ms. Jenner and involves events alleged to have occurred more than two years ago. The allegations are not only wrong and scandalous, but seem designed to coerce Ms. Jenner into silence via a settlement. This will not happen.

Rather, Ms. Jenner fully intends to seek vindication at trial, armed with evidence that will show the falsity of the claims being made. Following that, Ms. Jenner will pursue all of her available legal remedies to protect her good name and reputation and to hold those who brought this suit accountable.”


Does this response change how YOU feel about the allegations??

[Image via Patricia Schlein/WENN/KUWTK/YouTube.]

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