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Here's Why Kristen Stewart's Princess Diana Movie Will NOT Go Over Well With The Royal Fam!

The Royals Will Most Likely Not Like The Kristen Stewart 'Spencer' Biopic

On the heels of The Crown season four, which gave us some MAJOR content revolving around the late Princess Diana, there’s another biopic covering the princess we all love!

From the brief glimpse we received with Kristen Stewart decked in an iconic Princess Di outfit, Spencer is sure to be something amazing. However, there’s a certain British family who might not feel the same way as us!

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Robert Jobson, who’s covered the royal family for many years, had an exclusive interview with Us Weekly while promoting his latest book, Prince Philip’s Century: The Extraordinary Life of the Duke of Edinburgh. During the conversation with the mag, he had a lot to say on the matter of the royals. When the subject of Pablo Larraín‘s Spencer came up, he addressed what he speculated would be the reaction of the British royal family by saying:

“They won’t like it, but they would have expected it. It is the truth.”

Of course, this isn’t a surprise at all — especially given the family’s reaction to season four of The Crown. Even historian Charles Spencer — Diana’s brother — expressed his wishes that The Crown add the label of “fiction” to specify the miniseries had taken a substantial creative edge with some of the realities.

Will Spencer be another circumstance where we need that label? If that’s the case, it stands to reason that the royals have every right to react in a less than favorable way. But, during the US Weekly interview, Jobson went a little deeper in his opinion.

He expressed:

“I think the most important thing is how well the actress can interpret the role. We’ll have to wait and see on that. As for the photographs of her, I thought she looked remarkably like the photograph of [Diana]. Having been someone who has met Diana and knew her fairly well, I thought it was uncanny, really. But we’ll just have to see. I think what’s more important is the authenticity of the portrayal, and we’ll have to see how that develops because my understanding is it’s going to be a good script and it’s going to be a good premise, but it might not necessarily have actually happened in the way they’re saying.”

Oh, yeah. We totally get all of this.

The thing is that, there’s a very fine line when we create films based off real people’s lives and/or events. On the one hand, the filmmaker needs to craft a story that’s going to hold the audience’s attention, but there’s also maintaining integrity by keeping things truthful.

While The Crown shed light on many factual events (albeit slightly twisted or exaggerated in some cases), we sincerely hope that Spencer will have the valor to stick with the actual events of what went down. Especially given the fact that the film will focus on the more tumultuous moments of Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles — the time period of the early nineties.

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Well, either way — whether the royals like the film or hate it — we’ll be standing by, super excited to check it out. And, who knows, maybe this will be the movie that speaks to the most truth and ends up winning the royals over.

What do you think, readers?

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