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Kristin Cavallari Admits She Breaks Up With Guys Over Text -- Despite Knowing It’s ‘Horrible’!

Kristin Cavallari Knows It's 'Horrible' to Dump Over Text -- But Still Does It

Warning to those who get involved with Kristin Cavallari anytime soon…

During the Tuesday episode of her Back to the Beach podcast, the 36-year-old television personality confessed to her co-host (and ex-boyfriend) Stephen Colletti that she has zero regrets about dumping a guy over text — even though she knows it’s “horrible!” Oh, Kristin… That is brutal! But according to the Laguna Beach alum, it’s not her go-to move — she only goes down that awful route depending on the situation, specifically if she feels their relationship “is going nowhere” early on. Kristin explained:

“I’ve ended things over text with guys before. I know that’s horrible. When I’ve been talking to someone for a month and a half or two months, yeah, if I’ve only hung out with you a couple times and I’m like, ‘This is going nowhere.’ … I know it’s pretty f**ked up.”

In fact, Kristin revealed that she recently ended things “over a text” with an unidentified man — and unsurprisingly, he did not take it well! The reality star recalled:

“I got multiple voice notes back. I was like, ‘S**t. I should probably send you a voice note, but I don’t even want to.’”

A “voice note”? That’s not much better…

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Ouch!!! Rather than sending even a voice note back, she pulled the “cop-out” move and just texted back at the time. The momma of three said:

“I’m still f**king heartless, I guess. But no, it was nothing serious so I was just like… it is what it is.”

Diving into more details about the situation, Kristin shared that her mystery man “wouldn’t let me end it,” adding:

“He was like… kept fighting it, and kept going and kept going.”

At the time the co-hosts were recording the podcast episode, the Very Cavallari star noted she was actually still trying to call it quits with the guy! She told Stephen:

“Last night, I tried to end it and then I was like, ‘I’ve got to go to bed. I can’t do this.’ I woke up this morning. I just, actually before we got on this podcast, I sent a text that was like, ‘Hey, just let me know when things settle down for you. We can pick things up later.’ And I haven’t heard from him yet, so that’s not a good sign. He might not be too happy with me, but here we are.”

Well, if he didn’t get the hint that Kristin was over their short-lived romance, hopefully, he has by now! Especially if he’s a listener of her podcast… You can ch-ch-check out the full discussion (below):

It’s pretty savage to break up with someone via text. But what do YOU think about the matter, Perezcious readers? Would you end things with someone over text if you’ve only been seeing them for a month or two? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Image via Good Morning America/YouTube]

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