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Kylie Jenner SNUBBED Olivia Jade From Riding On Her Private Jet!

Kylie Jenner SNUBBED Olivia Jade From Riding On Her Private Jet!

Sorry, Olivia Jade! Seats taken!

An insider spilled to The Sun on Wednesday how Kylie Jenner snubbed Jacob Elordi‘s girlfriend last year on her private jet — and it messed up their whole friendship! Apparently the 26-year-old reality star and the 24-year-old daughter of actress Lori Loughlin had been pals for years — before they hit some turbulence over this airplane drama. For those who had no clue these two even knew each other, you wouldn’t be the only one! But don’t worry, here’s a rundown of their friendship!

The duo are apparently connected by Stassie Karanikolaou — AKA one of Kylie’s best friends in the world! While Kylie and Olivia have never been photographed together at events, they were seen hanging out a few years ago. Back in 2020, they were spotted at the makeup mogul’s former assistant Victoria Villarroel‘s birthday party. The pair then attended a party for TikTok in Los Angeles in September of that same year. The following year, Stassie shared a video on YouTube of Olivia on Kylie’s plane. See (below):

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Kylie was close enough that she let the social media personality hitch a ride on her plane every now and then — since they both would go back and forth from Palm Springs to Los Angeles. The source for The Sun shared:

“Kylie has given rides to Olivia for years on her private jet since they run in the same circles and both frequently travel between Palm Springs and LA. Kylie normally extends a courtesy lift on her private jet that she gives to her BFF Stassie to Olivia, and usually it’s no big deal.”

However, things became rocky between them after Kylie refused to allow Olivia to ride on her plane late last year, per the insider! Why did she snub Olivia? Well, The Kardashians star had a fair reason to turn the influencer away! There was no more room on the jet! The source explained:

“But during a recent weekend late last year, feelings got hurt and Olivia was left scrambling to make alternate plans when Kylie told her she was out of luck for her usual lift home to LA since her jet was full.”

Obviously, Kylie can’t let anyone else on the plane if there are no available seats — mainly for safety purposes! You never know what can happen while up in the skies, so it is better to be cautious and make sure everyone has access to a seat with a seat belt than not. But Olivia was still upset over the snub! This situation even caused a ton of tension in their friend group! The source said:

“It’s not like Olivia was left to hitchhike home or anything like that of course, but feelings were definitely hurt, and it caused drama in their friend circle.”


It’s unknown if Kylie and Olivia still hang out following their plane debacle. But we’re curious if they stopped being friends over what happened! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Are you shocked Olivia and Kylie were pals at one point? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Kylie Jenner/Olivia Jade/Instagram]

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