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Lala Kent Bought Her 1-Year-Old A Louis Vuitton Purse For Her First Birthday

Lala Kent Bought Baby Daughter Ocean Louis Vuitton Bag

You know what all pediatricians and child experts agree 1-year-olds love? Designer bags. You know, purses to hold their keys and ID and stuff when they go to the club.

LOLz, that isn’t the logic Lala Kent employed here, but she absolutely decided to buy her baby girl a Louis Vuitton bag for her first birthday!

On Monday, the Vanderpump Rules vet posted the reveal of her daughter Ocean‘s first birthday gift on her Instagram Stories. She wrote:

“I know a lot of you are going to think I’m nuts, but hear me out. I really have a love for bags. My grandmother passed a lot of hers onto me, and I will one day pass them on to O. For my baby girls first birthday, I wanted to get her her first bag.”

That bag isn’t a toy — it’s a very real (albeit tiny) $880 purse. She really did that, y’all!

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Oh, and she bought herself a slightly larger $1,885 version so they could match, writing on another IG Story pic:

“My little twin.”

$880, y’all. The child is one. If she’s able to work a zipper, she’s a little advanced for her age — there’s no way she knows the difference between Louis Vuitton and Fisher Price. Sorry, but we’re firmly in the group who think you’re “nuts”, Lala! LOLz!

This just seems like a wildly extravagant accessory for a baby. And at a time when so many folks are struggling financially, it’s just so tone deaf.

[Image via Lala Kent/Instagram.]

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