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Lala Kent Hammers Ariana Madix HARD -- She's Totally Team Sandoval Now!

Lala Kent Calls Out Ariana Madix & DEFENDS Tom Sandoval!

After these harsh comments, Lala Kent may have burned a bridge with co-star Ariana Madix for good!

During a recent episode of the Give Them Lala podcast, the 33-year-old reality star did not shy away from bashing her former friend’s behavior on this season of Vanderpump Rules — while coming to the defense of Tom Sandoval?? She slammed fans for “trying to rewrite history” when it comes to Sandoval as he tries to be “nice” and mend the fences with the cast, saying:

“The only people that are trying to rewrite history are fans. …This is who he’s always been. He’s always been the guy paying for people’s engagement parties. He’s been the guy to chase down the man for the ranch. He’s doing the same s**t he’s always done, but now, he’s f**ked you over, so it’s annoying to you.”

Hmm. Of course, amid this odd attempt at a Sandoval redemption arc, we have seen Ariana is still very angry with her ex-boyfriend after the massive cheating scandal. So yeah, despite him being generous — whether out of guilt or natural kindness — of course she doesn’t give a damn!

While Lala, Scheana Shay, and other cast members may want to forgive and make peace with him, it’s unfair of anyone to expect Ariana to want the same. They had been together for nearly 10 years, and then he cheated on her with her best friend for months! In her house! That’s hard to move past! So yeah, she’s allowed to still be pissed, especially when you remember this season was filmed only three or so months after the breakup. People grieve a relationship in their own way and in their own time! And frankly, if the woman never got over that s**t, we still wouldn’t blame her!

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Lala admitted she can relate to Ariana’s feelings towards Sandoval given her own situation with ex Randall Emmett after he cheated on her. But what she doesn’t get? The fact her co-star remained under the same roof with him for a year post-Scandoval despite her being so upset with him:

“I get it you’re allowed to not let it go and go insane on him, got it. The problem I’m having here is you’re using all of these words that I very much feel. I literally sit here and have empathy because I’ve felt those same things, the difference here is you choose to stay in the house, and everyone can say he should have left, I agree, but we now know who Tom Sandoval is.”

Lala continued:

“Tom Sandoval’s the guy that has sex with your best friend in your home while you’re you know mourning the death of your grandmother, he’s shown. So let’s not sit here and be like, ‘I can’t believe he wouldn’t move out.’ He’s shown who he is, so now we have to take control of the things we can control, which are ourselves. If he’s making you feel this way and you’re staying in the house, I got questions.”

As we previously reported, the house situation has been very complicated for Tom and Ariana. They disagreed on whether to sell it, but when the DWTS alum entertained the idea of selling Sandoval her half, she insists the offer he gave to buy her out was “trash.” It’s a lot of money, AND there’s the principle of the thing. So it’s not an easy ordeal to figure out!

But Lala had another issue, beyond the living situation! She also doesn’t get why Ariana moved on from Sandoval with her new boyfriend, Daniel Wai, so fast if she was heartbroken! Whoa, what? Yeah, she jabbed:

“If he makes you lose your mind like this and you are traumatized by what he has done, I want to know how you can move on to a new boyfriend in 10 days. I’m genuinely wondering this. Because when someone’s using the same words I’m using and I feel for you, I want you to shed knowledge on how you can stay in the same house and get a boyfriend in 10 days. How do you compartmentalize? I don’t understand it.”

Again, people deal with the end of a relationship in their own way — whether it makes sense to you or not. Even if Ariana began dating someone else shortly after her breakup, she also can be grieving and processing what happened in her previous relationship! However, Lala shockingly doesn’t seem to have any genuine empathy when it comes to this situation.

Lala went on to bash Ariana more, calling out the 38-year-old television personality for being a hypocrite! Huh?? Yeah, Lala says Ariana never had her back when Sandoval fought her or Katie Maloney in the past:

“[He’s] losing his g**damn mind on everybody, and Ariana is sitting across from me saying, ‘That’s what I love about Tom Sandoval,’ and I said, ‘That he yells at women?’ He’s consistently been unkind to me, he’s consistently been unkind to Katie, and who has never come to anyone’s defense? Ariana Madix. Not once. She falls back. Let it happen. And now suddenly because you’re on the receiving end of his misogynistic ways, you’re looking for backup? There’s only one way to look at it.”

It’s safe to say Lala switched over to Team Sandoval, right?? After she accused Sandoval of being a groomer this season, did anyone expect her to drop her loyalty for Ariana so fast? Oof. Watch the podcast (below):

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Do you agree with Lala? Sound OFF in the comments.

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