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Lala Kent Says Having Sober Sex For The First Time SHOCKED Her!

Lala kent says sober sex shocked her

Lala Kent is getting real about her life after getting sober.

On the most recent episode of fellow Bravo-lebrity Meghan King‘s Intimate Knowledge podcast, the 32-year-old opened up about her dating and sex life post-sobriety. She described how different it was navigating the romance world without alcohol:

“I got into a relationship when I was in my alcoholism, and then I got sober with this person, so I was already comfortable. But as far as being out there in the world sexually with nothing to like numb what’s happening — not like I wanna be numb — but at least you got some liquid courage.”

In fact, the actress admitted her first experience with “sober sex” was just last summer:

“I was so terrified to have sex sober because I had never done it before.”

Despite her anxiety, though, everything ended up going great. Like really great — Lala and her man at the time were “coming back for more, a lot”! And whoever the guy was, probably this one, he was more than skilled in the department:

“Whoever taught him needs some sort of award because it was mind-blowing.”


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But just because the sex was incredible doesn’t mean she’s planning on having her second child that way. Just yesterday the Out of Death actress told Scheana Shay on her Scheananigans podcast she wants to have a baby next year through IVF (as you know, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have also been on their in vitro fertilization journey):

“There’s such a high chance of it not working out, especially where we live. I’m not taking the chance. Like, I am so scarred from all of this s–t that has happened in my life. I’m doing a sperm donor. Period. I will not even attempt to try and do it a different way. I don’t want another person involved … Sperm donor. That’s what I’m doing. End of discussion. It’s just a matter of when I decide to do that.”

Good for her! There’s lots of reasons she’d want to do it alone — especially with her high-profile life, a breakup could just cause messiness and she definitely wants to avoid that with her kids!

The Give Them Lala star also said she hopes her daughter Ocean Kent Emmett, who she shares with ex Randall Emmett, will learn from her mistakes in the future when it comes to dating:

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Nov 30, 2022 16:22pm PDT