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Lana Del Rey Slammed For Wearing A Mesh Face Mask During Fan Meet & Greet!

Lana Del Rey called out for wearing a mesh face mask for a fan meet and greet in the middle of a pandemic!

Lana Del Rey is getting called out by her fans… and you know what? She totally deserves it!

On Saturday afternoon, the 35-year-old pop star made an impromptu stop at The Grove shopping complex in the heart of Los Angeles. Once there, she popped into the site’s Barnes & Noble bookstore to autograph and promote a bunch of copies of her new poetry book, Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass. Cool idea, right?! WRONG!

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The thought itself was fine — who doesn’t want to have an unplanned run-in with a pop star?! — but the execution was flawed from the very beginning when social media videos posted by the songstress showed her wearing a porous, mesh face mask. Womp, womp…

Thankfully it appeared as though her team, which was seen in parts of the background of some of the videos, did seem to be wearing proper, full face coverings. But still, who walks into a meet-and-greet in the middle of a pandemic in a mesh mask???

As most all of us know by now, mesh face masks are essentially useless in stopping the spread of the coronavirus and cutting the pandemic down from its current nearly-unmanageable levels across the United States. Porous, stretchy, and more fashionable than they are useful, mesh face masks DON’T get the job done in that regard.

Seriously, just look at the videos Lana herself posted from the fan meet & greet and see for yourself how useless the mesh is (below)…

Girl, seriously?! Come ON!

You can see her damn mouth through the stretchy mesh! She can inhale and exhale freely through it, with no mask covering or medical filter! That’s not safe! Hate to say it but, like, why even wear a mask at all at that point?!

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Proving the initial video not to be a fluke, the Summertime Sadness singer didn’t shy away from sharing yet more pics and videos from the event, again with the mesh mask featured prominently:

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Impromptu signing

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And if you think we’re picking on the Cinnamon Girl, look, it’s not us! Just take a look at the comments section on each of those Instagram posts — her fans know what’s up!!!

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“Please address the mask situation,” one fan simply commented, while another noted how Lana’s mask choice was “absolutely embarrassing.” And that was far from the end of it! We scrolled through literally hundreds of fan comments and all were about the pop princess’ terrible mask choice, including these highlights (below):

“I’m trying so hard to love you but please wear a real mask”

“the mask.. babe you’re on thin ice”

“You make it so hard to stan you when you do s**t like this”


“Girl thats not a mask. you make good music but poor decisions.”

“please wear a real mask i’m begging you be safe”

“notice how no one else’s mask looks like yours”

“do you literally want to lose fans wtf”

“You literally weren’t wearing a safe mask and there was no social distancing whatsoever. This was not smart. Please don’t do it again. Love you, but please take this virus seriously”

“ur stans cant defend u anymore sorry we’re too depressed and annoyed at this point”

“please girl get a real mask… making me feel ashamed to be a fan rn”


Seriously, though, there’s SUCH a reaction to Lana’s mask situation that we’re low-key shocked she didn’t turn the comments off, or something. It’s all any of her fans and stans wanted to discuss — and rightfully so! The more that s**t like this keeps happening, the longer we’re stuck in this endless quasi-quarantine place as a country. And that sucks!

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Also, mask issues aside, you’ve got to wonder about proper social distancing practices and the (lack of) responsibility in even having a meet-and-greet like that at a time like this. Just saying… Sigh… Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Feels SO frustrating to see stuff like this, doesn’t it?!

For the millionth time — and maybe this one needs to be directed specifically at Lana Del Rey — WEAR A MASK (A REAL MASK) AND SOCIALLY DISTANCE YOURSELVES AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!



[Image via WENN/Avalon/Lana Del Rey/Instagram]

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