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Landon Barker Reveals Tourette Syndrome Diagnosis In Super Candid TikTok

Landon Barker Reveals He Has Tourette Syndrome

Landon Barker is opening up about a health issue that can cause a LOT of confusion.

On Monday, Travis Barker‘s son decided to get honest with fans by revealing he has Tourette Syndrome. Responding to a fan’s question about the diagnosis, the 20-year-old shared in a TikTok:

“I figured I’d speak on this eventually. But yeah, I actually do have very, very minor Tourette’s.”

While he’s never spoken publicly about it before, it’s something he’s known about and dealt with most of his life, he explained:

“I’ve had it since I can remember, like preschool. I remember exactly ’cause a teacher used to accuse me of rolling my eyes at her. Because one of the tics was like that. It was like a weird thing I do with my eyes.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, the disorder “involves repetitive movements or unwanted sounds (tics) that can’t be easily controlled.” It typically starts between the ages of 2 and 15, and boys and men are three to four times more likely to develop it than are girls and women.

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These days, Landon’s “more common” tics are a jaw movement or a head jerk. They occur “in nervous situations and nerve-racking environments,” he noted:

“But I thought I’d just share because why not?”

Check it out (below)!


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Landon was quickly praised for speaking out with fans writing:

“I’ve had Tourette’s almost my whole life it can be exhausting and painful at times. It is really admirable to hear you openly say it”

“You are helping others by speaking out. We don’t feel alone.”

He’s now one of several celebs normalizing the condition, including Lewis Capaldi and Billie Eilish. The Ocean Eyes artist has been especially outspoken about her experience with the disorder, including on her episode of David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. We bet that’s helping young people like Landon freely and more confidently discuss their own diagnoses, too!

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