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Glee Producer Says It Wasn't Just Lea Michele -- Some MALE 'Bad Actors' Need To Be Called Out Too!

Lea Michele Glee Bad Actors Male Bullies Producer Marti Noxon

Apparently, it was more than just Lea Michele who contributed to an unhealthy set culture on Glee!

On Wednesday, former series producer Marti Noxon weighed in on the issue via a series of now-deleted tweets, revealing that there were “LOTS of bad actors,” who were part of the problem.

“Re: @LeaMichele

Hey, I’m all for calling out bad behavior and even for some schadenfreude when they behavior is punished.

That said, on GLEE there were LOTS of bad actors. Who were NOT women. People in the industry know who I’m talking about. Why aren’t we calling them out?”

Noxon worked on season 3 of the FOX series in 2011 and 2012 as a consulting producer and writer. While we can’t say for certain who she’s referencing, the late Cory Monteith and Mark Salling, as well as Matthew Morrison, Darren Criss, Kevin McHale, and Chris Colfer were all featured on most or all of those episodes.

She followed up with:

“It seems to me that women are the first to go under the bus. But a lot of males get away with being the bullies-in-chief. How come we let them get away with it? Maybe it’s because as long as they earn someone money, they get a pass.”

Once fans caught wind of the tea spillage, they were interested in finding out who exactly these “bad actors” and “bullies-in-chief” were. One asked:

“I mean…you could do it right now ?”

However, the 55-year-old isn’t going to out the men in question:

“I’m going to leave that to my male allies. It’s their turn.”

Later on Wednesday, Noxon clarified her earlier messages, which had been deleted at this point, and shared:

“I wish to clarify an earlier statement I made and deleted because it was poorly phrased. When I said “bad actors” in reference to my work on Glee – I was using the word actor as in “people who took bad actions”. I wasn’t referring to anybody on set specifically.”

“I apologize for causing confusion. This is an emotional time and my industry, just like all industries, has problems it needs to fix. We are working on it – and it’s getting slowly better.”

“I was on that show for one season, and only part time. By and large the people I met there were wonderful. And the crew was fantastic. But when bullies are allowed to act that way – there is a culture that permits it. That’s all I was saying. Thanks. Stay safe.”

Hmmm… Ryan Murphy? Brad Falchuk?

We’ve obviously heard stories from many women in Hollywood about their male counterparts taking advantage of various situations, on set and off. It’s definitely a part of the industry that we hope will change, and a lot of that starts with individuals speaking out!

What are your thoughts on the Glee controversies currently erupting, Perezcious readers? Did U see this coming? Let us know your take (below) in the comments!!

[Image via Judy Eddy/Joseph Marzullo/Brian To/WENN/Avalon.]

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Jun 04, 2020 13:30pm PDT