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Joe Alwyn's Date Ruined By Taylor Swift Fans!

Joe Alwyn's Date Ruined By Taylor Swift Fans! Ouch!

Oof! Poor Joe Alwyn!

Taylor Swift might’ve moved on and fallen head over heels for a new man, but the pop star is STILL getting in the way of her ex’s love life! On this Thursday’s new episode of the Deux U podcast, the gossip blogger revealed the Conversations with Friends star was on a New York City date night “a few months ago” but it was completely RUINED by a group of die-hard Swifties! The whole thing sounds like such a mess!

It’s unclear exactly when this went down, but it was way before the release of The Tortured Poets Department. Apparently, it occurred at an unnamed hotspot in the city where Taylor has usually been “a guest of Jack Antonoff‘s.” Recounting what a tipster revealed, the podcaster dished:

“A few months ago, Joe Alwyn came in with a date and no reservation. The host didn’t recognize him and offered them a space at a communal table, which they agreed to. As soon as they sat down, the other parties at the table immediately started talking about Taylor. The woman he was with started crying and they both ended up leaving before they ever spoke to a server. Kinda sad, honestly.”


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His date was brought to tears that fast?!? What were the other diners saying? Must’ve been wildly awkward if the couple rushed out of there! By the way, it’s unclear who the mystery woman was as the eyewitness apparently didn’t get a good look. They added:

“Honestly, it happened all so fast. I didn’t get a good look at her. A lot of whispering between the two of them. He was excited about the communal table at first, clearly wanted to seem really chill. I don’t think he expected to be sandwiched between two groups of 24-year-old girls who would immediately recognize him.”

LOLz! He’s not even with the Lover singer and he still can’t keep a low profile anymore. Bet he HATED that!

FWIW, the DeuxMoi curator didn’t know who he could’ve been on a date with since no identifying features were provided. After the breakup last year, fans first speculated The Favourite alum may have caught feelings for his Brutalist co-star Emma Laird. But there’s been very little chatter about the state of his romantic life right now, so it’s anyone’s guess. Either way, the podcaster speculated that this outing was likely “more than a date,” saying it sounded like they were “maybe in a relationship.” But if they want things to last, they better avoid Taylor fans in the future! Sounds like that really killed the vibe!

Who do YOU think Joe was with?? And why was Taylor such a touchy subject — is it just because she’s a recent ex or is there more to the story? Sound OFF (below)!

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