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Aussie Model Steph Claire Smith Admits She 'Ghosted' Leonardo DiCaprio

Aussie Model Steph Claire Smith Admits She 'Ghosted' Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s “one that got away” is telling all!

We all know The Wolf of Wall Street star is no stranger to picking up beautiful women, but apparently his game doesn’t always result in a score! Australian model Steph Claire Smith opened up on her KICPOD podcast Sunday about a run-in she once had with the A-lister.

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She recalled a time where Leo shot his shot with her back when she was visiting the States at just 19 years old:

“I was dancing on my own for most of the night, and I noticed someone looking at me and I realized this guy is wearing one of those hats, like those English hats and I was like, he kinda looks like Leonardo DiCaprio.”

She continued:

“Then my friend came over and was like, ‘Steph, apparently Leonardo DiCaprio is here’ and I was like ‘WOW it is him!’”

Nothing immediately came of it. In fact, the now 29-year-old and her pal even moved on to another club. However, she again saw Leo at this place — and he apparently saw her, too:

“This person that was with him, I don’t know if it was his assistant, or friend, or whatever, kind of weaved themselves through the crowd and came up to us and was like, ‘Do you want to meet Leo?’ ‘Abso-f***ing-lutely I do!’ So we went over, we did the whole French double kiss on the cheek.”

The influencer added the Titanic star asked how long they were in town — then made his move:

“‘Can I grab your number? I would love to take you out for dinner to some of the nicest restaurants around here.’”

Smooth! However, Steph was already in a committed relationship with her now-husband and baby daddy, Josh Miller:

“I had just started dating Josh, he was like the love of my life — I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life, to like, date him — so I was like, so not going going to go down that path. I just decided to lie. We had one of those, like, traveling SIM cards, so we did have a number, but I was like, ‘Oh, we don’t have one, we’re just here, like, for a couple of days.’ But then Melody, because she was a little bit drunk, was like, ‘Yeah we do.’ So she gave him our number, and I remember, because he then messaged us and was like, ‘This is Leo, this is the number you can contact me on,’ and we just went home and we were in all sorts of giggling.”

She added that she called Josh and told him, which he hilariously congratulated her on , calling it “sick” and “sweet.” She reflected:

“It was just one of those moments where I was like, ‘Holy s**t.’”

The mother of one claimed, “we never replied,” which her producer chimed in to point out:

“Can we just drill down the fact that you left Leonardo DiCaprio on read?”

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Her co-host added:

“You ghosted Leonardo DiCaprio”

Steph, for her part, playfully responded:

“You know, I’m the one that got away, I don’t know what to say.”

Wild! We’re sure that wasn’t an easy one for Leo’s ego.

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[Images via Steph Claire Smith/Instagram & MEGA/WENN]

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