Liam Hemsworth Recovers From Miley Cyrus’ Unfollowing On Twitter With A Night In Vegas!

liam hemsworth parties in vegas post miley cyrus diss

Well, that’s one way to bounce back!

And some would say it’s the best way!

Liam Hemsworth is apparently not too bothered by Miley Cyrus unfollowing him on Twitter because he went out for a fun night in Las Vegas last night (above).

After the online slam from his lady luv, Liam stepped out to watch the Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight. But no, he didn’t get to walk out with Floyd…that’s for Justin Bieber only!

But, Liam did seem to have a good time as he hung out with a bunch of his guy friends and even sat a couple seats away from Ashley Greene!

We’re not sure he’s totes over Mileybird’s virtual diss, but we do know he’s not wasting time crying into a carton of Chunky Monkey!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

Sep 15, 2013 5:28pm PST