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Little Dannilynn Turns One


Larry “I’m Not Gay” Birkhead emailed us the other day. The wonderfully coiffed babydaddy was upset that we misspelled his daughter’s name. It’s Dannilynn – not Dannilynne, as we had written.

Sorry about that, girlfriend.

Good ol’ Larry is planning a big ol’ birthday party for little Dannilynn in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, next month.

The September 8th festivities will be held at the place where Birkhead and Anna Nicole Smith first met: Tricia Barnstable Brown’s Lousiville home, site to a very posh annual Kentucky Derby party..

Says Tricia, “Something very magical will be happening at my house the first week of September, and it will be fit for a tiny little princess.”

Dannilynn will turn one, and no doubt Birkhead will use the opportunity to likely ca$h in!

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[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Aug 14, 2007 11:35am PDT

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