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Lori Loughlin's Post Prison Fear!

lori loughlin wants to get back to work, but scared people won't work with her

Lori Loughlin has only been out of prison for a week, but she’s ready to put the ordeal behind her.

Now that the actress has served her time for participating in the college admissions scandal, she apparently wants to get back to business — show business, that is. A source revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Lori has started talking about “getting her life back” and has already “had her team put out feelers” regarding new roles.

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That being said, she doesn’t necessarily expect to be embraced with open arms by Hollywood. The source admitted:

“[Lori] would love to start working again one day, but she is scared people won’t work with her.”

A source for Hollywood Life added that the Full House alum is willing to “lay low” and wait to return to the screen “when the time is right,” saying:

“She’s ready to do it because she misses it and it’s her passion, but she also feels like more time needs to go by still for everyone to move on. But that is her overall goal in due time. She wants to return to some normalcy now that she’s served her time.”

Meanwhile, an ET insider told the outlet that prison was “unlike anything Lori has ever experienced in her life,” and her release “was like a dream come true.” They shared:

“Lori’s homecoming was perfect. Her girls put together a special homecoming with flowers, welcome home decorations and her favorite foods. She was emotionally overwhelmed by how much she missed them and still has to remind herself that if anything good came out of all this it’s their closeness and renewed faith in their tightknit family.”

The source continued:

“She has told friends that finally being home is the best holiday gift she could ever ask for, and now her focus is counting the days until her husband is home. Lori spent her first week [at home] appreciating every minute of settling in and spending time with her girls. Now that she is safe at home and getting back into her routine, she is finding it very difficult to not to worry about Mossimo [Giannulli].”

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The 56-year-old, who asserted her innocence in the federal investigation for more than a year, apparently used her prison stint as “time to think.” Of her reflection:

“While she kept her girls quiet for so long regarding details of this experience, she realizes that talking about this is a healthy part of the process to get past it all. She was really proud of Olivia for speaking out [on Red Table Talk] and taking the steps she needed to move forward from this scandal.”

Hmmm, so should we expect a tell-all from Lori next? Or does she also want a seat at the Red Table? We’d LOVE to hear her side of the story…

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN]

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