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Lori Loughlin's Christmas Plans Ruined By Fear Of 'Upcoming Trial'

Lori Loughlin Family Christmas Holiday Plans Trial Prison

As the star of classic family sitcom Full House and a myriad of Hallmark movies, Lori Loughlin used to really enjoy the holiday season.

However, this year is… a little different.

Back in March, Lori and her fashion designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli, were indicted on charges of fraud in relation to their part in the college admissions scandal. They are accused of using a fake charity to sneak a $500,000 bribe to corrupt USC athletics officials to ensure their daughters’ conditional acceptance to the school.

While many of the parents involved in the scheme have already pleaded guilty and served their time, Lori and Moss are fighting tooth and nail — which has only lead to more criminal charges.

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Now when the trial comes it will be for fraud, money laundering, and bribery — with a potential FIVE DECADE prison sentence attached.

So naturally this holiday season is a little less full of cheer and more, well, abject dread. An insider tells ET:

“Lori’s world as she knew it has been shaken beyond anything she could have imagined. This holiday, she wants to be with the people she loves most and enjoy the comforts of home…

Lori is doing her best to put on a brave face. She wants nothing more than to have a wonderful holiday with her family at home.”

However, there is a shadow falling over their holly jolly holiday:

“While Lori and her family are looking forward to Christmas, it’s very difficult to enjoy the season because of the upcoming trial. The outcome is looming over their family.”

We bet! After all, the outcome isn’t looking too good for the beloved TV star.

Federal prosecutors have the guilty pleas of other parents and the testimony of co-conspirators, the financial records, even phone calls and emails in which the parents acknowledge the alleged crimes. Lori has… a plan to play the victim.

According to a source spilling to People this week convince the jury she was tricked into committing crimes by Rick Singer, the middleman who created the fake charity and connected the parents to the unscrupulous officials, test proctors, and other collegiate faculty.

The source gave a sneak peek at the defense argument, explaining:

“Lori was hoodwinked by Rick Singer. There’s no other way to put it. She was convinced that she was making a donation, just like parents have been doing for years. She did not have any intent to do something illegal, and in fact she thought she was doing the right thing. That’s why she hasn’t pleaded guilty; frankly, she believes that she is innocent and that the evidence shown in court will prove that. Unfortunately, it seems as though the prosecution is hell-bent on making examples out of people, and not playing fair.”

Right. The prosecution is unfair. You know what? They probably just grew up hating TGIF and have Aunt Becky derangement syndrome, right?

We love Lori, but this defense is ridiculous. She should have just ‘fessed up like Felicity Huffman. If she had, maybe she could actually relax with her family.

Well, maybe Santa will deliver a shocking twist full of exculpatory evidence under the tree.

What do YOU think of Lori’s defense? Should she expect coal in her stocking??

[Image via TNYF/WENN/Olivia Jade/Instagram.]

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