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Love Is Blind Alum Amber Pike Throws Shade At Show Amid Mistreatment Allegations

Love Is Blind Alum Amber Pike Throws Shade At Show Amid Mistreatment Allegations

Love Is Blind is coming under even more fire!

Season 1 contestant Amber Pike, who met her husband Matt Barnett on the show, just dissed the series big time! When an Instagram user slid into her comments last week to ask her who her favorite couple on season 4 was, she declared:

“we don’t watch LIB.”

Naturally, the fan was very surprised considering she met the love of her life on the series, but Amber clapped back:

“we are together IN SPITE of that show not because of it.”


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Another commenter then asked if she’d ever be willing to appear on the reality show again if producers were to ask — but it doesn’t sound like there’s a chance in hell that will EVER happen because the Georgia native revealed:

“I told them to stay away from us.”

Sounds like there’s some bad blood between the parties! But this was all a shock to fans, who were still very confused by her harsh take on the show. One person noted:

“But you were able to meet Burnett [sic] on the show, who saved you from being homeless and having student loans… and you obviously seem to have a better life now, but isn’t that because of the show? I don’t know what went on behind the scenes, and I know that being on a reality show can be stressful, but you signed up for it by choice. It is too convenient for you to suddenly distance yourself from the show now. LIB, the media, and the audience behind the popularity of the show made you what you are today”

Innerestingly, the Mana Naturals co-owner argued:

“Except that literally NONE of what you said was true”

Hmm. None of it was true?? Didn’t she sign up and meet her hubby on the show though?

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Amber’s public stance against LIB comes after the producers have faced allegations of mistreatment from several other contestants. In a scathing Business Insider report last week, several stars, including now-exes Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson, spoke out against the alleged conditions on set, with Danielle saying she fainted in the pods due to a lack of sleep, food, and water, but hardly any action was taken to improve the environment. Danielle Drouin, who appeared in season 1 alongside Amber, said:

“The sleep deprivation was real. I feel like they do it on purpose because they’re trying to break you. They want you on your edge.”

The show’s production company Kinetic Content has slammed the allegations, telling E! News:

“The wellbeing of our participants is of paramount importance to Kinetic. We have rigorous protocols in place to care for each person before, during, and after filming.”

Netflix hasn’t responded to the backlash. While Amber may not credit Love Is Blind for her relationship, she and Matt have been one of the most successful couples to come off the show. Back in November, they celebrated four years together, she wrote on the ‘gram:

“People may think getting married the way we did is crazy but I’ve always trusted my instincts (even the crazy ones) and they haven’t steered me wrong yet and thankfully your crazy instincts work damn near perfectly with mine.”

Amber has not elaborated on why the couple has distanced themselves from the hit series. It’s unclear if she has the same concerns about the franchise as the cast members who spoke out in the report or if there’s some other beef we’re not privy to yet. Thoughts?

[Image via Amber Pike/Instagram & Netflix/YouTube]

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