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Luann De Lesseps Kicked Out Of Gay Piano Bar After Drunken Performance!

luann de lesseps : kicked out of gay piano bar after drunken performance

You can’t force a Countess Cabaret on an unwilling crowd!

That’s the unfortunate lesson that Luann de Lesseps learned on Wednesday night at the Townhouse of New York, a gay piano bar. According to Page Six, the reality star was already quite inebriated when she arrived to the venue and took the mic — and became belligerent when the patrons didn’t enjoy the performance.

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An eyewitness told the outlet:

“She monopolized the piano, but that isn’t how it works; you sing [one song] and move on.”

The 56-year-old is in rehearsals for her actual cabaret show, which this crowd most certainly did not sign up to see. An insider said:

“Luann thought she was doing her act. She tried to sing [her own song] Money Can’t Buy You Class, but they didn’t know it. They know standards. … The piano player was like, ‘I don’t know the song,’ and she responded, ‘It’s a hit!'”

Savagely, the source shaded her campy tune:

“It’s not a Cole Porter standard, it’s not Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

The dubious show took a turn for the worse as the RHONY star continued “belting out jumbled versions of songs” for an audience that included drag queens Tiffany Anne Coke, Shiny Penny, Lauren Ordair and Chandilier. Sources claimed that “the crowd began booing her,” provoking Luann to start “yelling at the gays, ‘You don’t know me! I’m a cabaret star!'” In video seen by Page Six, she even snarled a “F**k you” at the crowd.


According to eyewitnesses, she “yelled at the other patrons on the microphone” until she was “thrown out for getting aggressive with the bar’s customers.” But the Countess’ camp tells another story.

Broadway producer Jim Kierstead, who was hanging with her that night, explained to the outlet:

“After a birthday party for a NY theatre personality, Luann and I went to the Townhouse for a nightcap. She was met by legions of her fans and was convinced to sing for them. I was finally able to bring her home as I had an early morning Thursday for the workshop of a new musical. Of course she was the belle of the ball as usual.”

Legions of fans? Err, okay…

As for the Bravolebrity herself — who has previously experienced legal and personal issues stemming from alcohol — she stated:

“I was at rehearsals all day yesterday [for her upcoming cabaret show at Feinstein’s/54 Below], then went to dinner with Broadway producers. We were in a celebratory mood and drinking champagne.”

At around 10:30 p.m. they arrived at the Townhouse, where “there were a bunch of people singing, and it was a fun, boisterous crowd.” She continued:

“I got up and sang a few Broadway songs they were playing. I realize I was a little bit tipsy, but we were having fun, and it was getting late. I’d been rehearsing, and I was in the mood to sing a few songs. Then Jim said to me, ‘Lu, I have an early rehearsal,’ and then we left around midnight, 11:30 p.m.”

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“I went out and I was feeling all Jovani but clearly money can’t buy you class, especially with an audience who doesn’t appreciate my music. … But I live to see another day — chic cest la vie! Long live fun nights out in New York City.”

An evening that ends with being booed by an unwelcoming crowd and getting kicked off the stage and out of a bar doesn’t sound like a “fun night” to us. And knowing Luann has been through rehab for alcohol issues before, the story is a bit concerning.

A friend reportedly told Page Six that she is “trying to stay healthy and takes things day by day,” so perhaps this was just one low moment in her journey. Regardless, we wish her well and hope she’s staying safe and healthy.

[Image via Luann de Lesseps/Instagram]

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