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Here’s What Made Whoopi Goldberg WALK OFF The View!

Here’s What Made Whoopi Goldberg WALK OFF The View!

Whoopi Goldberg could not handle this Hot Topic on Tuesday’s The View!

The co-hosts got into a huge debate about an advice column from The Guardian in which someone complained his wife refused to let him give her foot massages anymore after he told her he had a foot fetish. And Whoopi apparently wasn’t down to talk about the kink! She briefly walked off the set of The View in the middle of the conversation!

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When Alyssa Farah Griffin commented how “you have to entertain your partner’s kink, within reason,” it was just too much! The 68-year-old EGOT winner immediately stood up from her seat and walked away, saying:

“Excuse me for a second. Keep talking!”

OMG! However, Alyssa didn’t take offense to her co-host’s actions. She even joked:

“Whoopi has left the building.”

Not quite, though! After Whoopi dropped something off just out of frame, she returned to the table. However, Joy Behar did not hesitate to question why she walked away. Her answer? The Sister Act actress said:

“I was so enamored by what you were saying that I felt that I needed to take a breath so I could just get myself together, so I could come back to the table! So, I just got up and walked away and just got myself together!”

Ha! When Joy noted that “this is what my feet do to people,” Whoopi fired back:

“This is what this conversation does to people. It makes them get up and move. I don’t care ’cause my feet are huge, and no one wants to touch them!”

And she’s putting her foot down on that matter! Ha! Ch-ch-check out the viral moment (below):

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[Image via The View/X (Twitter)]

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