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It’s nice to see celebs working for a good cause.

Thursday night at Cannes, Sharon Stone held the annual Cinema Against AIDS AmFar dinner.

Several stars showed up to the event to help raise money, most notable among them was Madonna, who allowed Stone to put up for auction her Karl Lagerfeld diamond encrusted custom-designed handbag.

The purse included her Madgesty’s lip balm, lip gloss, compact mirror, hair clips, and lozenges. Oh and she even threw in her face blotting paper.

Uhm. Yea.

She blotted her face and body on stage, gave it to Stone, who also blotted herself and said, “There’s a lot of DNA there now. In case there’s a murder you’ll have the evidence.”

Sticky and sweet!

Together, the purse and all the items inside Madonna’s handbag brought in about $1.5 million.

It must have hurt Madonna’s ego just a bit, since she expected the items to sell for much more.

She told the crowd, “It’s not the bag, baby, it’s the thought.” And as for the blotting paper she added, “I’m wearing, I’m rubbing it against my body. Don’t insult me.”

Madonna also put up one of her guitars for auction and a prize of winning her sing two songs in private to the winner before a concert this fall while she’s on tour.

The songs also helped bring in money with the original bid being at about $500,000, to which Madonna joked, “I’m worth more than that! People have asked me to play at their bar mitzvahs!”

The songs ended up selling for a bit over $600,000 which caused Madonna to lean into the mic and say, “Don├óΓé¼Γäót humiliate me.”

Does Madge think she’s worth millions?

Well, she probably is, but not at an auction!

As for her white acoustic guitar, it was purchased by a young Russian man for almost $600,000. The guy later said he’d give it back to Madonna so she could have an orphan in Malawi learn to play it.


Other celebs helped by purchasing dinner tickets at $5,000 such as Christian Slater, Diddy, Natalie Portman, Star Jones, Dita Von Teese, and Rose McGowan.

With the help of many other celebrities at the event, Stone was able to raise $10 million this year, a $3 million improvement from last year.


[Image via WENN.]

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May 23, 2008 12:30pm PDT