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Pregnant Woman & New Boyfriend Killed By Her Ex After He Crashed Into Their Trailer

man kills ex girlfriend pregnant trailer crash

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A Texas man has confessed to murdering his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend by purposely crashing his truck into their trailer.

Police said that on October 1, David Joshua Reed (above) entered a guilty plea to murder for the December 2020 killings of 23-year-old Shelby Duarte and 43-year-old Timothy Nelson.

Authorities charge that the 41-year-old intentionally drove his truck off the road on December 9, 2020 in the middle of the night and straight into a camper trailer his ex and her new boyfriend were living in together.

An arrest warrant noted the trailer was resting on Nelson’s family property. When Nelson’s family went outside to investigate the noise, they saw the couple had been thrown over 65 feet from the trailer and struck the front of their home. Nelson died on impact; Duarte was still breathing, but she died of her injuries at the hospital after being airlifted there by authorities.

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While investigating the case, law enforcement learned Duarte had been having problems with her ex, who eventually told police he was upset because Duarte was pregnant with his child. When officials made contact with him, Reed reportedly confessed to driving into the trailer at high speed to murder both the couple and himself.

The warrant stated, per KLTV:

“Reed told affiant he wanted to kill himself as well, so he loaded up the front seat of his truck with propane bottles, believing the crash would blow him up. Reed explained he did not care anymore and also knew he would be killing his unborn child.”

To make matters even more chilling, Reed left a haunting voicemail on Duarte’s phone before driving into the trailer, saying:

“You reap what you sow, I will see you in hell.”

The court heard from the victims’ families during the hearing. Duarte’s niece, Tabitha Hall, called Reed “evil” while addressing him directly in her victim impact statement, saying:

“I want you to know for myself I have to forgive you because I don’t want that poison that you have to come into me, so if I don’t forgive you today, that’s what will happen. Because of your impulsive act of pure rage and evil and stupidity, you took two lives from us, but you didn’t take them from us because they live forever in eternity.”

Reed was initially charged with capital murder but accepted a plea agreement and pleaded guilty to two lesser charges. He’ll serve two life sentences in prison.

Our hearts go out to the victims’ families.

[Image via Smith County Sheriff’s Office]

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