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Mariah's Surprise Wedding, Not So Impromptu


The wedding which has surprised many, turns out might was planned in advance.

Mariah Carey, Nick Carey and their 24 guests arrived via two private jets in the Bahamas on April 29th.

When they departed the planes, everyone came out with drinks in their hands and in a very “party” mode, says an eyewitnesses.

Upon arrival, Mariah and Nick headed to her $5 million home (now his too!) nearby while guests checked in to the hotel. The next day, Mariah and Nick were married at noon on the patio of her mansion overlooking the ocean.

How romantic!

An airport waitress tells Life & Style that “Mariah’s assistant arrived on Eleuthera Island, just off the coast of Windermere, on April 27 to start making arrangements. The next day, a commercial jet arrived from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., carrying two huge tanks of live Maine lobsters.”

They don’t have lobster in the Bahamas????

Also flying in a few days ahead were Mimi’s security team and several staff members to get the home ready in time.

Seems the last minute, surprise wedding was pretty well thought-out and planned for.

An insider adds, “Whenever Mariah travels, they set up for her beforehand. And it’s no joke. If anything she needs or wants is missing, she’ll be upset.”

The flowers were also flown in on a private jet with the florist waiting to set up.

As for the cake, Mariah took care of that herself. She flew the cake over with her in her own private jet.

A source adds, “It was on the seat next to her. She wouldn’t let anyone come near it or touch it.”


We still wonder how long these two will last. They hardly even know each other!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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May 07, 2008 15:45pm PDT

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