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Matty Healy Was 'Completely Blindsided' By Taylor Swift's TTPD -- Because He Didn't Think They Were 'Serious'!

Matty Healy Was 'Completely Blindsided' By Taylor Swift's TTPD -- Because He Didn't Think They Were 'Serious'!

It’s been almost two months since The Tortured Poets Department was released, and Matty Healy‘s throwing some shade!

On Thursday, one of The 1975 frontman’s friends spoke to Us Weekly about what he REALLY thought about Taylor Swift penning so many songs about him in her latest album. It turns out that he’s all for being in the spotlight — but he was surprised that she thought their romance was so “serious.” Really?!?! The friend claimed:

“He loves the attention it’s brought to him, [but] he also thinks it’s hilarious because at no time [were they] ever serious.”

He thinks it’s FUNNY?! Those were some of the most gut-wrenching songs we’ve ever heard from TayTay… and he’s laughing?? Jeez!

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Specifically, the pal noted that the Chocolate crooner was “completely blindsided” by the “lyrical content” of the album — you know, lyrics about marriage and baby-making! The friend added:

“For her to be saying things about baby carriages … and living together — he says it had never even come up. He’s taking it in stride.”


As a reminder, TTPD turned out to be way more about Matty than Taylor’s other ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn. It was kinda a shock at first, until fans realized their low-key love affair dates back to TEN YEARS ago when they first met! So, the fact he didn’t think any of it was “serious” is SO shady! But maybe it’s exactly what Taylor was calling him out for, though?

In numerous songs on the album, Taylor seemed to slam Matty for playing with her hopes and dreams. In Loml, the musician opened up about their ill-fated convos about starting a family, sharing:

“You s**t-talked me under the table, talking rings and talking cradles”

References to “pushing strollers” continued in The Manuscript, in which the vocalist dished:

“He said that if the sex was half as good as the conversation was, soon they’d be pushing strollers / But soon it was over.”

And there are so many more comments about it! So, yeah, kinda seems like by him thinking it wasn’t “serious,” he just confirmed he really was stringing her along all this time! Oof!

Fans took to X (Twitter) to react to the latest intel from Matty’s team, writing:

“I’m sorry but if someone put a ring on my finger, promised me a family with kids, strung me along for 10 years saying he was the one for me and that my life finally made sense, only for him to say it was never that serious… I WOULD END UP ON THE NATIONAL NEWS”

“Smallest man who ever lived behavior”

“When it goes on for years and years, it’s serious even if you never call it serious”

“He’s for sure a narcissist. Glad shes got a good man now. She deserves the world.”

Hah! So true!

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