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Maury Povich Is Getting Sued By A Convicted Felon Because He Saw His Daughter On The Show... While In Prison!

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This isn’t the kind of paternity case that Maury Povich is used to seeing.
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Maury is getting sued by a Florida man because while watching the daytime TV show from his prison cell, he saw his 7-year-old daughter on the screen!
Alan B. Griffin is suing Maury, his production company Mo Po Productions, and NBC Universal for $100,000 each for messing with his mental state while he was in prison for sexual battery and attempted murder.
Apparently, back in 2010, Alan’s ex-wife Sherilitra Nash and their daughter Lanique appeared on the show to talk about Alan being incarcerated.
Well, Alan didn’t love seeing his family talk poorly about him.
He allegedly developed suicidal thoughts because of it and even had to undergo psychiatric counseling for an entire year.
Plus, he says he never gave his consent for his daughter to be on the show, so he’s just all sorts of ticked off.
We don’t think he has much of a case here, seeing as he kind of got the entire situation started by going to prison in the first place.
At least Sherilitra was making some money for her daughter, even if bringing her on a TV show was a little exploitative.

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Dec 31, 2014 19:17pm PDT