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Yes, Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Really Did Drink Each Other's Blood After Marriage Proposal

Megan Fox Machine Gun Kelly Engaged Proposal Blood Ritual

We’re willing to bet most readers of our site weren’t too shocked to hear Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly got engaged. Sure, they haven’t been together too long, and she just finalized her divorce from Brian Austin Green, but come on. The way these two have been all over one another it’s a wonder they didn’t elope the first weekend. When you’re “twin-flame souls” what’s holding you back, right?

Well, according to a source close to the couple, one person who was surprised by MGK popping the question? Megan Fox!

An insider told Us Weekly on Thursday that the Transformers alum was “very surprised” to get proposed to. The source claims:

“She had no idea it was coming.”

We’re not sure we’re buying that she didn’t know what the other half of her soul was up to. LOLz. But we guess even when you’re pretty sure it’s coming, as long as it’s not confirmed 100% it can still be a surprise in the moment.

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The location should have been a dead giveaway considering how special it was to the pair. As Megan revealed in her video post of the proposal, the new couple had sat under that same banyan tree back in the Summer of 2020 and “asked for magic.”

But hey, you don’t care about the usual romantic, sentimental stuff you can find in any proposal. You want to hear about the weird stuff. Like how Megan ended her description of the event with:

“And just as in every lifetime before this one, and as in every lifetime that will follow it, I said yes. …and then we drank each other’s blood.”

Yeah, sorry, y’all did what?? Yeah, she wasn’t kidding. According to Us Weekly‘s source, they full on did a blood “ritual” to cement their betrothal:

“The two performed a ritual involving their blood to symbolize the two of them becoming one.”

Um… isn’t that what the rings are for? Symbolizing the two becoming one? We certainly don’t remember a line about vampirism from the Spice Girls song!

This goes along with the couple’s predilection for pain with their pleasure. Nowhere was that symbolized more in the fact MGK designed his fiancée’s ring to have thorns that hurt her if she tries to take it off. As the  said excitedly about the take on romance:

“Love is pain!”

[Image via Megan Fox/Instagram.]

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