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Meghan Markle BLAMED For Leaking Racists' Names In 'Deliberate Attack' Against Royals -- But Did She?!

Is Meghan Markle to blame for leaking the two royal racists’ identities?

It’s no secret the Suits alum has a close relationship with journalist Omid Scobie. She once admitted to giving him intel for his book Finding Freedom, after all. So now that his second book Endgame has taken aim at the royal family and made more allegations that The Firm is racist, all fingers are being pointed at the Duchess of Sussex!

In the new release, the author reveals that Meghan and King Charles III wrote letters to each other after she claimed someone in Prince Harry’s clan had made racist comments about Prince Archie‘s skin tone before his birth. In the notes, she supposedly revealed there was not one but TWO royal racists mixed up in those convos.

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Of course, the biographer didn’t reveal anyone’s names for legal reasons, but the Dutch version was just pulled from shelves because the identities were included in an apparent misprint. Omid has denied ever revealing the monikers in any draft, but a source close to the Dutch publisher Xander Uitgevers told The US Sun that the translation of the manuscript they were given was “correct,” saying, “It is very much the feeling that the error has not occurred in Holland.”

It’s obviously a big scandal — and those close to the monarchy are blaming the actress for it! A senior Palace source told The US Sun on Wednesday:

“It’s vanishingly unlikely the names came from here.”

Despite Charles having a copy of the letters, another insider noted:

“That letter is under lock and key and no one from within the King’s circle would’ve briefed anyone about its contents. In all likelihood, it must have been the Sussex camp which leaked the names. It’s a nasty and deliberate attack.”

Previously, the Harper’s Bazaar editor-at-large suggested Meghan didn’t want anything to do with research for this latest book, but that doesn’t necessarily mean someone close to her didn’t say something. Everyone sure seems to think she’s still out for “revenge,” royal author Robert Jobson argued:

“Some say revenge is a dish best served cold and this one appears to have been served up on ice by the Sussexes. At some stage this sort of behaviour by the Sussexes has to stop because in the long term it’s damaging the monarchy and certainly not helping their cause either.”

We can’t deny that the Archewell co-founders have done things to get back at their estranged relatives for alleged mistreatment, but when they first dropped the racism bombshell in a 2021 interview, the Duke of Sussex was adamant that he’d NEVER reveal the culprit. So, would they really leak this to the press?? It’s hard to know.

Either way, on a telecast Wednesday night, Piers Morgan dropped the bomb and claimed the royals named in the Dutch translation were King Charles III, who’s long been speculated to be involved, and Princess Catherine! Yikes!

Whether or not these allegations are true, it is a TERRIBLE look for the monarchy! So no wonder those close to the royals are looking for someone to blame, and Meghan’s an easy target at this point. Thoughts? Let us know (below)!

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Nov 30, 2023 09:21am PDT