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Melinda Breaks Silence On Bill Gates Divorce -- Says She 'Couldn't Trust' Him After Affair & Jeffrey Epstein Relationship

Melinda Gates talks Bill Gates trust after affair and Jeffrey Epstein

Well, this looks intriguing!

Melinda Gates sat down for her first interview about her big money divorce from billionaire Bill Gates, and based on what we’ve seen so far it’s going to give some much-needed insight into a very complicated situation.

If you haven’t been following the drama, after the announcement of the landmark split, a lot of dirt came to light about the Microsoft founder. There were NDAs and reports he had pursued multiple women he worked with. And there was even one confirmed affair.

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The cheating Melinda knew about, the affair with the staffer two decades ago, that was something the author believed they’d gotten past as a couple. When Gayle King asked about it, Melinda opened up:

“I certainly believe in forgiveness, so I thought we had worked through some of that.”

But little things over time cracked the foundation of their relationship. The possibility of other affairs — or at least attempts at them — was bad enough. But we’ve also learned in recent months that Bill was a bit too friendly with Jeffrey Epstein. Of course the full extent of the billionaire pedophile’s sex trafficking activities, which allegedly included getting underage girls to have sex with politicians and businessmen — and using that knowledge to leverage power over them — only came out in the past couple years. Sources have said knowing Bill had a relationship with this monster “haunted” Melinda.

And then there was Bill’s ex Ann Winblad, with whom he had an “arrangement” in which they’d spend a weekend together every year. It was supposedly not romantic, but… come on, would you let YOUR man do that??

All of it combined together, the 57-year-old explained, to kill her trust:

“It wasn’t one moment or one specific thing that happened. There just came a point in time where there was enough there that I realized it just wasn’t healthy, and I couldn’t trust what we had.”

That trust, as Melinda expressed, is “very hard to get it back in any relationship.” Yep. All the money in the world can’t buy trust.

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The philanthropist told Gayle she cried “a lot of tears for many days” after pulling the trigger on the split. But it wasn’t always mourning — sometimes it was fury she felt over what Bill had taken from her. She explained:

“That’s part of the grieving process. You’re grieving a loss of something you thought you had and thought you had for your lifetime.”

Sad stuff. The full CBS Mornings interview airs on Thursday, but you can get an emotional first look (below)!

[Image via ATP/Daniel Deme/WENN/New York State Sex Offender Registry.]

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Mar 02, 2022 15:57pm PDT

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