Minnesota Man Says Passionate Kiss From Girlfriend Caused Fatal Car Wreck — Did The Jury Buy His Defense??

michael campbell guilty ria patel death

This man REALLY grasped at straws for his defense in a vehicular homicide case.

On Wednesday, Minnesota resident Michael Campbell was convicted of three counts of vehicular homicide as a jury sided with the prosecutors, who presented that the defendant was drunk during a 2017 car crash that killed his girlfriend. However, before the jury’s ruling was made, the 21-year-old tried to defend that the accident was caused by deceased victim Ria Patel — as she was KISSING HIM as he drove.

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Wow. Now this is LEGIT victim blaming. Smh.

In case you were unaware, Patel’s body was found in Campbell’s totaled Ford Focus, as the latter sped into a utility pole. The result of the wreck was fatal, with Ria being crushed beneath the vehicle’s buckled roof. To make matters worse, at the time of the incident, Michael was already on probation for a previous hit-and-run conviction.

Clearly, this man cannot be trusted behind the wheel of a vehicle. It’s said his sentencing will take place on April 5 and that he faces up to five years behind bars. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman confirmed the conviction in a statement, as he noted:

“Mr. Campbell was probably drunk, he smashed into a pole going 65 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone and he ran away. Then he tried to deflect responsibility for his actions by claiming Ms. Patel was responsible for her own death by kissing him. He also put her family through more distress by pretending that she was still alive.”

During the trial, Freeman also accused Campbell of running away from the wreckage he caused. Oh, and Michael allegedly tried to cover up the specifics surrounding the crash and Patel’s subsequent death. Per one witness, Michael climbed out of the destroyed car and ran to a nearby McDonald’s. When he returned to the vehicle, he dug something out of the driver’s side.

Although he did order the witness to call 911, it’s said Michael took off and ran three miles to his home. It didn’t take long for cops to identify Campbell as the driver as his wallet was in the car. When the cops arrived at his home, he had already left for his parents’ St. Michael residence, but Michael’s roommate informed them that the culprit was “super drunk.”

Apparently, Campbell reached out to Ria’s sister and denied being in the vehicle with the deceased Miss Patel. After calling Ria’s phone multiple times from a blocked number, Michael called out of work. Freeman’s statement elaborated:

“Eventually, he took an Uber ride to St. Michael, where his parents live, although he did not go to their house. Campbell spent a day-and-a-half in St. Michael and it is during that time that he came up with a new story, which was his defense in court.”

The Prosecution’s expert testimony debunked Michael’s kissing defense, as they proved that Campbell would’ve had similar injuries to Patel if the couple were lip locked at the time of the crash. While Ria had wounds on her face and neck, the guilty 20-something did not.

It took the jury only three hours to agree upon a guilty ruling. R.I.P., Ria.

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Mar 16, 2018 3:27pm PST